2017 May 20th & 21st: Change your life! Weekend Workshop

You have seen the You- Tube clips and the absolute magic of what Peter can do.

Now you are welcome to attend a weekend workshop with Peter as he teaches you how to Discover Yourself and uncover the real direction your life is best suited for.  One thing is for certain, no-one can do what Peter does on a white board and now he is going to show you how you can start learning what he does and then you can start to help others.

Become as associate of Peter Vaughan and keep up with the changing pace of his wonderful knowledge and research.

WHEN: May 20th & 21st (2017)

CONTACT (for bookings and inquiries):sally@petervaughan.net

PAYMENT: lump sum discount or payment spread – email Sally for information and how we can send it to you.

The weekend is being filmed as on-line workshops are soon to be underway.

I look forward to seeing you and changing your life in a fun-filled, catered, Book/Workbook included

Limited seating for personal attention.

  1. Dale Oxenham

    Hi Peter

    We are all hanging out to hear your verdict on Jacinda Adern, you seem to be able to sum people up VERY WELL!
    I keep looking everyday since it was announced to see what you have to say:-)

    Warm regards

    3 Aug, 2017 at 11:55 am - Reply

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