Your Future. Is it really possible to have insights of events ahead?

Your head is full of grey matter, there are no muscles, springs, gear wheels, filing cabinets or film projectors to be found, but in the soft grey matter inside your head, you can see pictures, even movies, listen to songs, imagine and plan what you will do tomorrow, invent things and construct sentences without even thinking how you did it. But to the uninitiated, your brain is not much more than boring, soft grey lumpy matter, that fills the cavity inside your head.

All the above activities and more, you do with your brain every day, yet the brain cannot be replicated by any man. Human’s are the only animals that walk the Earth, that knows’ they know, or can think about what they will do tomorrow, and the secrets of our brain’s potential are far from today’s probing scientists. You and I have the ability to communicate with other people, even those using different languages. We have developed tools to translate and transcribe our thoughts so others can understand what we are communicating to them. But wait, there’s more…

I fell upon an amazing discovery that took me 36 years to reveal. I found the tools to that man can use to identify his future years ahead, and it is something anyone can do who has the inkling to do so.

You and I have ‘learned’ to think and we use a tool to enable us to ‘think constructively’ and we call it language. Language is made up from a set of individual letters or symbols that when placed together in an organised manner, create words and the words compile sentences and paragraphs and meaning is derived. If written down, it is recorded and those who have learned to use a common language, can decipher, read and comprehend the thoughts once processed by another person from the past.

Letters and Numbers are the tools we use to communicate with and from this we have created and developed technology to live as we do today. Beyond trees and rocks and the bones of animals Nature provided as initial raw tools, Man invented Numbers and Letters which enabled him to THINK.

We think and speak with words made from letters, and count with numbers. Without words we would be in a primitive state and act more with instinct than comprehension. Fight or Flight would be our means to survive danger, and the need for food and sex would be our primal duty for procreation of our species. So it’s rather good we have invented this language thing or you would not be able to read my thoughts on this page I wrote some time ago. “Hello from the past”.

However, to predict the future, there has to be means and method provided by Nature for this to be possible, just as flying is possible because Man learned to understand the mechanics and science of flight and uses Nature’s Laws to do so.

The future will unfold for us if we allow others to control our destiny, but by knowing our purpose and the reason for our existence, AND, by learning how to see the outline of events ahead before they come knocking at our door, we have the ability to manage and direct our thoughts and actions to suit our needs from which we may benefit from.

( *** )

Predicting the Future – Emotions are the Key*

Some are more obvious than others and some are so well concealed that some people just seem to be heartless. Not so. It is emotions that drive us to seek a ‘something’ that enters our minds and encourages us to move toward that ‘thing’ that has aroused our emotions. It could be food, it could be sex, it could be be that you have to Run like hell because you have stolen someone’s food and made a naughty gesture to the same someone’s partner and they want to hurt you. Makes sense. These emotions can really help you learn a lesson, or die depending on the severity and stupidity involved.

The ability to predict the future can be simply understood as listening to someone say “I am going to get up from here, get an axe, cut down a tree and clear a space” and bugger me they do just that. Was the future predictable from this scenario, well yes, but it has already been spelt out for you. But if the person did not say anything aloud, and just went and performed the act as outlined above, and you observed it, it would not really be a clear cut format of saying, “the future was predicable”.

So we have to look deeper into the human psyche and understand what is hidden and pre formatted from birth before the individual has a chance to understand thinking with the tool of words and numbers. This is what I have spent most of my life seeking the answers to; “what is it that makes people do what they do, primarily from instinct / emotion, and then by cognitive evaluation before any action takes place, or future movement.

My theories were being turned into formulas, one after another, time and again. I discovered that Language affects people. I know that for a young man to say to a young woman “I think you are beautiful and I would like a chance to get to know you,” would potentially bring about a positive series of proactive conclusions. But to say; “hey bitch I got the hots for your booty and I wanna delve in your delights.” This is more than likely to end in a fruitless outcome.

So language is a powerful medium to cause a person to do, or not do something based on the intensity, emergency or moderate need, to think and then act on an idea, inspiration or command.

I discovered also that people’s names have an affect on how their personalities develop, and also how other people ‘feel’ about a person who has a name that either ‘fits’ or does not fit their core emotional values or blueprint.



These tools of thought make it possible for us to read and make sense of the words on this page. Following are two examples of how letters and numbers, independently, can say exactly the same thing, take exactly the same time to say them and yet, one has five times as many components than the other;

Two plus two, equals four [and] 2 + 2 = 4

In math calculus, T may equal ‘time’ and N may equal a ‘total group’ of something, just as 9/11 may equal the Twin Towers.

And so it is with Predictive Data Analytics.

The discovery that parts of your brain have been programmed, just like a computer when you were very young, and the primary information you were given, became a Filtering System you use today to decide what you do.

It’s called Thinking!

You think with your brain, but your brain does not think. The brain holds information for you when you need it to think with.

You were not born with a language, you learned one. You did come along however with several qualities, one of which is the most important one that controls your life forever, your emotions.

From this knowledge, I analysed the thinking process to a great degree and using Empirical Data, I realised the process man uses to think with, can be employed to predict his future, and I proved the theory after 33 long years.

Starting as an emotional being, you became ‘known’ to others by your name and birth date, but you didn’t know that when you were born. You were conditioned with a name and number over time and everything you do in life now, driving, paying tax, living at an address, having a phone, a medical reference and so on, are all identified to you by your name and birth date.

In summary, as computers now crunch your identity and convert you into computer code, you are but a bar code or set of numbers in a system along with your photo.

The Vaughan Secret is not a secret

My discovery has made it possible to understand why some people want to work in the garden are different to those who end up in jail. There have always been gardeners and bullies, but now they can be identified by a massive collection of Data and logically sorted into groups that identify specific qualities (N), and when those qualities become active (T).

Data Profiling is a new way of predicting the future.

Everything is Data, just as everything vibrates, and we can label it. There’s nothing new about this. However, it is time when we looked at the primary building blocks that enable us to think and understand the effect they have on us as humans.

Your name is made of building blocks (letters) and depending on the arrangement of the letters, you can be identified as to who you are. My name, PETER, has five letters arranged in a specific way. When someone calls out the name “Peter” in an audience, several Peter’s may be there, and so to identify more precisely who is being sought, a second name is added; VAUGHAN.

Peter Vaughan, identifies me, and anyone who knows me, and knew I was in the audience, may turn and identify me. But I find it amazing the other things that have been overlooked.

The sound of my name causes your brain to look for specific data files stored in your memory, locate the collection of sound-bites and put them together, send them to the screen of your Mind to produce an image, a picture of me.

Then the brain will make an automatic judgement, an emotional impression is created, and if you like me, or otherwise, you will experience waves of emotional energy (feelings). If the feelings are positive or constructive, you will be drawn to me, but if you have negative or sensitive feelings about me, you may likely keep your distance. This is the Law of Cause and Effect working perfectly.

And so it is with every name and other piece of information you have ever stored in your brain. You weigh them against your feelings of judgement; like, don’t like, mediocre.

Data Logistics and Data Psychology, are the means to help you identify who you are, what you are attracted to, what career you are more likely to be in harmony with, and when you will are able to proceed with relative safety, and when not to do something that may otherwise cause you to be in a perilous set of circumstances.

This is the power of Data Psychology.

Every letter or group of letters, every number or group of numbers have qualities that can be sorted into common fields of understanding, and from there, I can provide great advice on the meaning of your life and how your Name and Birth Date govern all you do.

But for you to understand how this works and unless you want to dedicate decades of learning to apply this knowledge in your own life, I can do that for you. Like a cell phone, you don’t have to know how it works, only that it does and it can be relied on. However, if you push the wrong numbers and letters, the cell phone does not know you’ve made a mistake and will deliver your request as accurately as you have entered it, be it txt messages or phone numbers to whomever you entered the info for.

Here are descriptions of how the numbers and letters affect us as we come under their umbrella of influence every changing moment of our life. This whole new world of understanding who we are and why we are affected by external conditions is fascinating and yet it provides us with the answers we have been looking for since time immemorial.

The numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0.

Each number has a frequency and a quality. The sound of the number when spoken can be measured for its frequency with an oscilloscope, and the value of a number can be calculated as units in our base 9 numbering system.

BUT the qualities a number represents is quite different when measured against the psychiatric and psychological affect it has on the brain and our personalities where our Emotional Blueprints are housed. This is where the position and value associated with each letter of your name or indeed any word, and the numbers that are to be found in any configuration such as your birth date, social security/IRD numbers house, driver’s license and so on, are revealed here in individual descriptions. A number, standing alone, or in a mix with other numbers take on their individual or collective meanings when summed. Nature has an amazing chemistry set and each element, even atom, is numbered in the Periodic Table.

DATA LOGISTICS and DATA PSYCHOLOGY are a new form of understanding and means of predicting man’s future based on the total chemistry he is made from. But like the symbols and components of a chemistry equation, mathematical formula, or even the symbols and notes as presented in a sheet of music, each has a part to play and a timely manner in which their chord is activated so a tune is revealed, a song is heard.

Every person on the planet has their own ‘life song’ written in the letters and chords (sounds) of the letters of their name, and like the notes in music, each has a time to be heard and experienced. This is why we have different experiences as we pass through time. The vibration of the letters of your name and the timing associated with the date (and numbers) identifying your beginning (birth date) to where you are now, are all experienced and form a timely trend of events over your entire life.

Here then, are descriptions of the qualities found to be associated with each individual number as they are labelled in the following order…

The description for the qualities of Zero

The symbol 0 (zero) represents everything in the entire Universe. It is a circle with nothing in it, yet the entire Universe is spherical from our human understanding and viewpoint. The Universe is mostly empty space and a vacuum, yet it contains all matter, all energy, everything making up stars, planets, and you and I, are all to be found in the no’ thing (nothing) of the Universe. The 0 is the symbol of all and nothing. It is the perfect image of power emanating from the unseen to the seen. Our human minds and that of other intelligent life forms, have a means to respond to stimuli, and our thoughts and dreams cannot be captured and observed outside of our own mind, yet it remains true, that thoughts are things and all manifestations of invention have come from the ‘no-thing’ of the mind and manifest by the action of Man’s hand.

The description for the qualities of Number ONE

This frequency represents initiative, provides leadership, pioneering qualities, and it provides solutions to problems. All these qualities are found in people who have the conditioning of this vibration in their Identity Blueprint. People with this element in their name or birth date *** find it a part of their nature y are busy inventing, developing, creating and making things happen. Keep your eye on number 1’s, they’re going places. Having 1 in your Birth Day means you’ll do things “your way”; In your First Name it means “you have a unique personality” and are full of ideas that inspire you into action; no one needs to tell a 1 what to do, but, they do need to know where they are going or mistakes can happen;

The description for the qualities of Number Two

2 is a gentle number, it likes to take its time over matters and make sure all is correct. A 2 in your Birth Day means you are careful and thoughtful about how you do things, maybe even a little fussy with details. If it is in your First Name, you are probably a little quieter than most – and maybe a little cunning when you want to be too. People with a 2 in their make-up are usually very neat and like things in order, but often they will also have a whole lot of bits and bobs, because they never know when that bit of string or bent rake may come in handy.

The description for the qualities of Number Three

3 is a creative, chatty, colourful, pretty, sporty and artistic number. So, a 3 in your birth date means you have gifted hands, an artist’s touch, enjoy the outdoors and like to add colour and brighten up your surroundings. If your First Name adds to a 3, you will be a communicator, have a way with words, be a chatterbox, and even have a sensitive side to harsh words. Generally 3 means you’ll be a happy and active person.

The description for the qualities of Number Four

A 4 person is more of a hands-on type who likes to get things done the way they like it. A 4 in your Birth Date tends to make you want to work with your hands and are happy doing things, building or making things, even technical buffs are number 4 types. Having a number 4 First Name means you prefer certain friends you feel comfortable with over just anybody. You like to be recognised for your efforts and can be hurt easily, even misunderstood. 4 people are genuine friends, but they can be a little lazy and like ‘bling, bling’ stuff and bits and pieces.

The description for the qualities of Number Five

5 is the number that represents a person who likes this and that and goes here and there and has little awareness of the time because they like lots of things. A 5 in your Birth Day means that you are able to multi-task easily and can adapt to new ways of doing things. 5’s get a lot of life experiences because they are everywhere. In your First Name, a 5 person is a great sales type. They enjoy the company of just about everyone and have got to have a lot more control on their activities as they can be side tracked easily. They are very good story tellers, and can spin some convincing yarns when they need to.

The description for the qualities of Number Six

6 is a lovely, family, caring number, but it is seen as somewhat bossy by most. Not that they mean to be pushy, they are just managers and supervisors – well someone has to take that role. 6 in your Birth Day means you are organising things to work better in your home and at work or where others are under or in your group. If your First Name adds to 6, you will have a mothering, managing, caring and supervising type personality. This is good though as many 6’s are millionaires.

The description for the qualities of Number Seven

Oh lovely and deep number 7. This is the number associated with deep and passionate thinkers. The number enjoys its own company and is happy to do things by itself. If you have 7 in your Birth Day, you will like things done to perfection. You will enjoy the best result and not something that “will just do”, no not a 7. Quality is a demand of this special number. If 7 happens to be from your First Name, you’ll be a deep and reserved person, more than most anyway. You will enjoy good music, thinking friends, investigate things and question much about your daily life and interaction with others. Careful, 7’s take easily to booze.

The description for the qualities of Number Eight

Here is the boss. Number 8 is a naturally strong and determined number. If you have an 8 in your Birth Date you will have determination and drive. You will probably argue a lot more than others and get your point across without fear of what others think. If 8 is from your first name, you will have quite an intelligent mind and be outsmarting and thinking ahead of the rest of the group. 8 people do not like disloyalty and are very strong mentally. Deep inside though, 8 people are very, very sensitive but they will never show it outwardly. This is why many people who have a dominant 8 in their personality may be really hurting deep down inside, but never tell anyone. 8’s can be quite nasty if they are not respected or understood too.

The description for the qualities of Number Nine

Nine is the lovely natured number. It understands peace and harmony and cares about man and beast alike. If 9 is in your Birth Day, you will have a gentle and wholesome approach to all you do. You should manage money very well and have an appreciation of the bigger picture in life. You are a lot older in your ways than people might give you credit for – “old souls are the number 9 types”. If you have a 9 from your First Name, you will be a caring person with an ear and time for people who may need someone’s help, your help. You will be a sympathetic type and like to idea to try and improve the ways of society and the world so all live in harmony with everything that is good and right. Greed is a 9’s negative side… so watch for that.


11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 and 111;

These numbers are for the experts to tell you about. Luckily I am just that. However, as extraordinary as these numbers are, only do they become switched on for their brilliance when you become enlightened should you have any – and you probably do.

Ordinary people who use their ‘multiple number sets’ without knowing they are doing so, can be seen in the lists of the Nobel Prize Winners, or leading large corporations or doing amazing works around the world. YES, you do have these capabilities but maybe you should ask me first to see if you have any and what you can do to switch them on in your life.

THE Alphabet:

This is an amazing section. Blog me in my “Contact us” link under the Site Tab in the top address bar if you want to know something or would like me to write about something you have a question or two about. Don’t forget, if you’re in a pickle and need some advice, get a Full Profile Report as it is full of information about you and comes with a comprehensive forecast to help you in the days, weeks and 12 months ahead.

My Full Profile Reports are (NZ) $129, but they are not the automated type as often advertised from some sites that say “our amazing reports are normally $400 but just for you ‘today’ they are only $39.95” This is designed to tempt you to buy a mass produced and less than quality report. Each report I send out are done so after I have generated a REAL CHART on your name and birth date, looked it over, made personal comment if necessary to you, and then compiled the appropriate content for you. That’s what I do – REAL STUFF, REAL NUMEROLOGY, REAL PERSONAL ATTENTION – Because it is REALLY ME who sends your report to you; Peter Vaughan!

• A shifting – travel – changes in the home, workplace, or life.
• B compassionate – emotional involvement – assisting others personally.
• C foresight – creative activity – inspiration to achieve something.
• D determination – hard work – personal project – strong will to achieve.
• E many activities based on past experiences – emotional involvement.
• F family or work related matters – six year period of responsibility.
• G enthusiasm with a job or project having financial capabilities and rewards.
• H bridges of experience – money can be made or lost – balance is required.
• I high expectancy demanded – unexpected happenings arise – rapid events.
• J inspiration with ideas – projects developed – improve old methods.
• K spiritual and creative ideas – deep thinking over life matters dreams important
• L creative projects – hand crafts – design and develop – physically expressive.
• M serious and candid – determination and discard – emotional changes.
• N technically adaptable – mental & physical options – many things on the go.
• O responsible – secretive – loving & caring – sensitive with feelings.
• P clever & dogmatic – perfectionist – serious and loving – danger to self.
• Q opinionated – solid foundations – quality conscious – evaluation.
• R determination & direction – care needed not to rush unwisely – distinction.
• S instability – sensitive – emotional – compassionate – insecure – self-aware.
• T attention to detail – truth – spiritual awareness – fair play – understanding.
• U inverted – feeling for others – attracting ideas, people and problems.
• V great expectations – world trendsetter – visionary – plough master of man.
• W variety of interests – exclude subordinate concerns – expressive – action.
• X responsibility over decisions – needs balance – aware of all aspects.
• Y indecisive – clever yet unsure at times – too much on mind – decide and act!
• Z compassionate and strong – spiritual – power and passion – changeable.

What is Data Intelligence?

Intelligence of data may sound absurd, but this is not a true description of the subject. The numbers themselves are strokes of a pen or pencil on paper, a symbol just like the 26 symbols of the Alphabet that make up the words you are reading now. So, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0, are symbols that represent something. Now watch this…

The symbols here ‘ 9 – 11 ‘ remind most people of the Twin Towers USA when they came down on September 11 in 2001.

The 10 letters that make up the words < N I N E E L E V E N > are in every respect related directly to <9/11> but are written in a different format than numbers with a ‘forward slash’ but mean the same thing. So numbers and letters written down and when read with your eyes, mean the same thing; they both point to the stored images we have in our memory. The collapse of the twin towers, even though you were not thinking of them before I wrote these and you have read them ( 9/11 ) in this example, may even have invoked some emotion within you, especially if you lost friends or loved ones in the tragedy.

So what am I saying?

The study of how numbers or symbols are used to communicate ideas and thoughts, which in turn, however subtle, create an emotional response and cause the Attraction Laws to go into action.

This can be used to evaluate the personality a person has by adding up the individual letters in their name after converting the letters into numbers. This is done by using the number 1 for A, and 2 for B etc… or 8 for Z ( Z is the 26th letter and by adding the 2 + 6 we get 8 ).

So if you were to add the letters that make up the word DOG, you would have 4+15+7 (the letter ‘O’ being the 15th letter of the Alphabet) and the answer is 26 ( 2 + 6 ) = 8.

So Dog is 8. If you read about the meaning the number 8 represents above, it will make some sense as Dogs can be very strong and determined animals, even the little ones that seem to have no fear of anything. Have you ever seen a sign on a gate you were about to enter for the first time, that says; “Beware of the DOG! Grrr”? Makes you think twice about entering doesn’t it. So words create images in our mind, the images invoke feelings, and the feelings make you go toward, or shy away from something.

My work is the study of how Names and Numbers label the qualities people have. Names do affect us as do numbers like: Friday the 13th, 666 and so on.

BABY and the DAY of Birth

If your baby is born on any DAY from 1 to 31, you need to know what the influence of the Baby will be under. This list and explanations will help you understand the effect the number of the DAY has on your child or anyone else’s child you wish to play with. Have fun seeing the “truth” in these descriptions…

(still working on this sorry, interesting though isn’t it)