Some Uses of Numerology

When numerology is done at a sufficiently advanced level, it is an invaluable tool for looking at all manner of situations. Watch as Peter demonstrates just three of the many applications of advanced numerology.

Video 1: Love Matching


Video 2: Problem Solving


Video 3: Detecting Suicidal Tendency


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  1. Leslie Charlene Parris

    I have watch almost all of your videos and am facinated with what you have done. I done my chart and it, for me, proves that I really have had quite a rough go of it and do need your help. Can you detect such things as molestation, pedophile, and rape in your charts? Can you detect wonderful events as well? Thank you so much.

    13 Mar, 2017 at 12:42 pm - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan

      Charlene, thank you for your interesting question. By studying more people than I can count anymore, I have found one thing, people are complicated and the ‘core’ Profiles I produce for people are without emotion, without the promise of any one person being Positive, Negative, or destructive but by a myriad of events that take place in a specific life-profile for any one person. However, once the patterns are set, it is my skill to take from the math analysis which way a person has been or can be affected by ‘others’ in their life. It is possible you to identify activities of a negative / destructive nature in people’s earlier years. As for predicting wonderful events as well, yes. Happy times are really expressions of interest one take control of in a constructive manner on their own, because we all have the right to take control of our life and act accordingly. This is something I teach people to do, but the student of life is in control and sometimes it takes a reasonable amount of instruction and training for a person to feel they have the right to a good life, and make the most important decision of all; to do something about it by personal ‘action’, for without that, nothing will change. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

      The word ‘Action’ put through the Lettrology(TM) analyser matches the word ‘God’ and it is the one tool (action) that will help anyone to anything they truly desire. Once again, thank you for your question. It also seems likely I will be in New York in February 2018, so keep in touch.

      9 Apr, 2017 at 2:21 pm - Reply

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