2 Degrees and 58 meters too late

I warned Eric and his wife, 2 Degrees Mobile was going to change direction in exactly 4 months. I did not expect the change in the business was due to him dying in a plane crash of his own doing.

It began on the 24th November 2012. I was invited to meet Eric Hertz, CEO of Two Degrees Mobile, and his wife Kathy at a Thanksgiving hosted by an American business couple, Wayne and Rosie Barnes at their Kaipara Flats home. Wayne knew of my work in tracking company performance, and asked me to bring along my reports on Two Degrees and Telecom as I had made trend reports for them both some months earlier.

At the function were a selection of notary guests whom I had met on several occasions. I relaxed and enjoyed the gathering of people for the American celebration.

During the socializing, I took the opportunity to discuss my observations of the different phone companies with Eric and sought his interest in my findings, his wife Kathy certainly was. I told him ‘Telecom’ was due to go through major changes in 2013, and that become apparent when Telecom’s CEO, Simon Moutter, announced on the 28th March 2013 “the shedding of up to 1,200 jobs. That’s a major change in anyone’s book.

I also discussed the road ahead for Two Degrees, and was showing Kathy (who was far more interested than Eric) that during March and April (2013), the Company would be going through a major change and a complete re-direction of sorts. I also told her that Eric and her were also in for some major life changes, and I believed the two events were related.

Eric showed quite openly he was not focused on my comments, but Kathy wanted to know more. However, she was dragged from the celebration by Eric all too soon, as he announced they had to leave to go to another function that night. I was sorry I never had the chance to chat further with Kathy, and now, I’m sure the family and the Company may have wished he’d listened had they known. But try talking to a CEO who has horse blinkers on, let alone try to convince them of a very important matter.

Four months later and after several attempts to email him with no response, the news of their plane crash sent shudders down the spines of the guests as they contacted Wayne in the US telling him of the prediction I had made to Hertz in the public forum of the Thanks Giving celebrations. I just shook my head and wondered if Eric had only taken the time to listen, and then make a considered effort to listen to my views, checked it out, whether they would have made other arrangements on that fateful day.

As Eric was leaving that day, I asked him if he would be interested in me getting a little more info to help him and Two Degrees out with what I specialise in. All he said was; “I’m a Sagittarius…, figure what you can from that!”

I was somewhat stunned as if he thought I was an astrologer or some other sooth seer, the other guests raised their eye brows at his statement? However, change is inevitable, but if people just listened at the right time, serious lessons can be avoided.

Wayne Barnes (the host) said after he called from America where we discussed Eric and Kathy’s plane crash, said; “for a forward thinking man with a forward thinking Company, you’d think he would have just listened”. On many occasions I’d helped Wayne with specific, and well-targeted advice, hence his wish for me to meet Eric.

Well Eric, if you could only hear me now. What I had seen on my Data Projection Graphs, verified what I had told him, and what did come to pass for him, his wife and the Company, took place right on time. This is my passion, providing advice and projections to Companies (some listen, some don’t) and recommend strategies, so they know, “when not to cross the road”. Eric paid the ultimate price and took others with him.

But you the reader, tools are available to all who have ears to listen, my work is not unfounded. I use math and new pathways in Psychology. What I Do is a Process, The Vaughan Process, I have been told.

Peter Vaughan
The Vaughan Process

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