Peter Vaughan is a Profiler.

Television and radio audiences have enjoyed Peter’s talents and skills from the 1990’s and this web site was created for you to enjoy and learn about some of the the amazing things he does.

Born in New Zealand, Peter has invested most of his life to the study of people, including businesses and corporations, tracking their progress in ways and at levels never before seen in the Public and Corporate arenas. He’s often thought of as having a ‘gift’ but say’s he’s no more gifted than any other person. He’s just enthusiastic and has tirelessly developed a system using Codes and complex Math Formulas to plot and track events in people’s lives they encounter, with formidable accuracy.

Peter’s skill to provide accurate assessment for people (using Human Diagnostics), and for Companies (using Data Intelligence), is more than can be offered by others in any associated field.

Peter’s appearances on Radio, Television, and as a speaker and stage performer, amazes people with his accuracy and projections.

Simply put, Peter has learned the principles that build and affect human characteristics and personality. Based on the influence language has on people and the Laws governing Cause and Effect, Peter can track historical events, discuss present activity, and provide future projections for people and business. With thousands of case studies in support, Peter has gathered enough empirical data to support his statistical predictions and claims.

In Business: Peter contracts to business clients who wish to engage his rapid ability to pre-screen applicants seeking employment, and to assess that the new person will ‘fit’ in with the existing team. Peter has skills and technology unlike any other recruitment operation.