Are Alien’s from the future ?

No. Aliens are from the present !

This publication is not so much about Aliens, as it is about Time and Predictions.

Someone wrote to me asking if there are different forms and levels of Profile Analysis and Forecast Projecting as they have seen me present on You Tube ?

The reason they asked is because they saw several up-loaded videos where a very deep analysis of troubled and famous people are presented, and reasons revealing why Heath Ledger suicide’d, or how was it known that Donald Trump was going to take over the Presidential race ahead of Hillary Clinton, and to predict it would happen just days before the election.

But, what about You reading this Now. Do you think anyone can read the future or is it hog wash, snake oil or some other form of trickery ? Is it possible ? Before responding, think about this;

For years, Company accountant’s make calculated predictions of Company financials, Warren Buffett ‘sees’ future potential in Company trends, Criminal Psychologists attempt to predict what happens after an inmate is released, and even the weather forecast professionals make predictions and more mistakes than they’d like to admit. But because of advances in scientific research, we can rely on information as to when the moon will eclipse the sun, how sun flares can interfere with radio and television signals, know when a hurricane is due to make landfall, and who knows what next ?

The secret in knowing how something works is because an idea is formed, preliminary development and testing is conducted, tests and trials are undertaken, problems identified and corrected, more tests are done until it is statistically made reliable, the idea has been taken from the drawing board and becomes a reality. So, is there a secret to remote viewing the future trends of people and events?  Yes!

Here’s the secret, the components and method:

  • Understand everyone is born with a Body, and science reveals that DNA can be used to prove all humans have a unique Blueprint.
  • Know that the environmental conditions detected by your 5 senses will condition your brain for survival purposes.
  • Appreciate your name is important to you as you heard it more than any other sound as an infant, and, it is linked with pain and pleasure in your brain.
  • Study human physiology and learn why the brain produces chemicals in response to stimuli.
  • Do tens of thousands of case studies and find common denominators relating to people from all walks of life who do similar things as they have similar qualities, like Nobel Prize winners.
  • Discover how cells inherited from your forebears condition primary lifestyles, thoughts, and emotional guidelines of your future actions consciously and subconsciously.
  • Find out how all these factors make a person what they are, why they do things when they do, and make maps that plot, past and present events accurately, providing proof of concept.
  • Now test the theory by writing a calculated projection of the future trends of chosen subjects, wait, watch, and see it unfold.
  • Appreciate that more than four decades have been devoted to this ‘idea’ and the secret to an individuals future, and of any mass of people, can be calculated.

Here are only a few examples of what can be done from the idea above. The following are all proof of concept. Interesting too, all the following were published ahead of the fact.

  • It was published that “Trump will be President Elect” one year ahead of the fact (Predicted).
  • That John Travolta would have an addition to his family 20 months after his son “Jet” died (Predicted).
  • That CEO Eric Hertz of Two Degrees Mobile, when he was told four months ahead of time that his communications company would have major changes along with Hertz, and he crashed his private plane, killing himself and his wife, and his company changed direction at the prescribed point in time, predicted and witnessed in front of 26 guests at a function in NZ (on 24 November 2012). Eric and Kath died on 30th March 2013.
  • The American Fidelity Fund would collapse on or about September/October 1998 as presented to a former CEO of a Public Share Company 12 months in advance, and it did.
  • That Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand, would exit parliament before the end of his third term for reasons unpublished, and he did, right on time; Predicted three years prior.
  • That Usama Bin Laden would never be heard from again in 2005 – and he never was irrespective of his ‘fake death’ published in 2011!
  • That Oprah and Rosie O’Donnell would fall out of favour and O’Donnell would suffer illness; they did, and O’Donnell had a heart attack.
  • That the entire royal family would have a major shock and an event that would capture the nation would take place in April of 2005, and the world learned of the wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker in February of 2005, the Pope died on the wedding date, the wedding had a rain check, and the prediction was made in 2004 on public television. No one knew anything at that stage.
  • That Richard Branson would have failure with his Virgin Galactic program, he would have an accident, he did.
  • Branson’s friend, Steve Fossett was dead a month before they found his remains.
  • That Michael Schumacher, would never recover from his accident.
  • That Christchurch city was due for a major problem between the 22nd and 24th February 2011, the city collapsed due to a devastating earth quake on the 22nd February.
  • All these things and more could have been coincidences, but they were projected, published or identified well before the events occurred, right on time.

The work to bring all these interesting turn of events is a result of more than 38 years consistent R&D of an idea and a theory that the future can be predicted. There is no guesswork involved, its all math, hence it is teachable and software has been built to support speedy predicting technology. Things like suicide, accidents, Cot Death (SIDS) and what kind of people are more financially successful than others.


For those who have bought Profile Reports and Forecast Projections for 2018 before February, I am glad you got in at the old price tag I’ve had for more than a year.

The exciting news that the price is increasing, is that the present 14 – 19 page Package is becoming the 28 – 33 page Package with more content, more forensic assessment of the Profiles, Characteristics, the Annual Projections and the Monthly Forecasts than has ever been produced before. The present price of $67 is shortly to be $147 as there is nothing like this work anywhere we know about. As said to me by Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher of Proctor Gallagher Institute, when we had several hours together a few years back; “This is not numerology, this is way more than that!”

And this is true. Numerology is not about numbers, just as the alphabet is not about letters. It is the languages formed by collections of letters and collections of numbers that we all use to Think With, and to use for communication and understanding in our daily lives.

9 / 11

The numbers 9/11 may relate to the Twin Towers coming down, but it can also be read as eleven minutes past nine O’clock. No magic tricks there, because it is a language we use to know what time it is. However, when these two languages are employed together, along with an understanding of how the human mind works, predictions can be made that work in a very tidy and timely manner. And, the future can be manipulated so it works in your favour than potentially against it.

PLEASE NOTE: As a final notice and offer to my faithful clients of many years, and you new people who have only just heard of this, the price change increase was to take place on the 1st February, but if anyone wishes to take advantage of the pre-upgraded price, order your Profile report now and the final date for the old price will be Sunday 23:59 hrs, on February 4th 2018. PayPal will register the order and let me know your Profile and Forecast  have been ordered.

Please be patient as all Profiles and Chart work is presently checked and put together by me before it is released back to the customer, you. And the good news is, there is a major software development going on that will eventually be able to select forensic files that are presently being written to speed up response times.

Click on this link < >and place your order now!

Season’s greetings and wishing all a better 2018.

Peter Vaughan

PS. Meet my alien friend, a shelf ornament I bought. He’s not real and he can’t ride motorcycles, but it is a great picture.



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