Bashar al-Hassad, played raised the odds, Trump upped them, now what?

Bashar Hafez al-Assad – born “September 11” 1965.
Who is he?
What’s his Profile?
What happens next?
He’s due to turn 52 in September. But something irritated him deeply in February and March?
Obviously something. Matters have escalated, the earth has shaken, all are on edge.
There is a new player at the round table and he has just ‘Fired’ a major warning shot across the bow of Assad. Everyone is talking, and not just the citizens of the world. A can of worms has been opened and so have the eyes of the other players at the table.
Assad’s Profile reveals he has the Mind of a cunning tactician. A master at mental chess, having tempered diversion and denial skills that allow him to flank and strike in a timely fashion. He should not be underestimated for the speed of his suicidal decision making. So what is this man like?
Bashar is able to think well outside the square, hence his ability to create moves others have not yet comprehended and his upper cut catches people off guard.
He was born with the mental capacity of a genius. At about two years old  something very distressful happened to him and for three years thereafter, the young Bashar had formed the personality of those mostly found in the toughest prisons. There is a fine line between genius and insanity, Bashar is walking on a razor’s edge and a slip now will cut him in half.
When talking to him, people will wonder if he is engaged as he listens in silence and not responding till he is ready, and by then it is too late. He will have already worked out all he needs to know, formed a response and act, verbally, physically and with blind determination.
But he has a weak spot, an achilles heel. He likes it when people are afraid of him as he swings his sword of destruction at those he has an issue with, however he trembles when people return the serve and scream down at him with the same or a greater thunder-clap, as was delivered by President Trump only 24 hours ago, 48 hours after ‘someone’ detonated rockets with a deadly toxic payload on the Syrian people.
And now what? What is likely to happen as the world waits for the next episode of the Syrian standoff? All are entitled to their opinion, but as I see it by the end of April, Bashar will be in a very precarious and depressed state, more-so than he is now. His life is about to change significantly, likely in the last few days of June or early July 2017, as this is when the tide of change is due to start turning.
No matter what triggers the avalanche that will wipe out al-Assad, his fate is sealed by his 52nd birthday, as mentioned. At that time, because of his actions as seen by the world at large, the sky will fall on him and the gates of his personal Hell await his passage… This is according to what can I calculate from the work I do.
Finally, in 2004, I was interviewed by TV2 and asked about Usama Bin Laden (Usama was his real name and not Osama – note the first 3 letters), and his activities based on the world coverage of his activities. I said he would not be seen nor heard of again in July 2005. My calculations identified his demise to be in July of 2005 for one reason or another. He was never officially heard of, nor seen again, until some years later, the world hears the news “they got him”, Funny, he had been dead for years and the team of special troopers who we were told found him, shot him and buried him within hours, was the story the world was told to believe. The question is, what do you believe?
Will we ever find out the truth about the present situation of the Syrian gas attack? Sadly, the people are told what to believe. I am satisfied I know the answers based on empirical data gathered over nearly four decades, of more than a conservative 200,000 case studies and an accuracy of 98%. So let’s wait and see what unfolds on the time outlined above. 
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    Pamela Muir

    Hi Peter,
    I have just read your your article above which was very interesting, thank you.
    I couldn’t help but notice that Assad is due to turn 52 in September. I read (somewhere) recently that the 52nd life year is a very sticky one in general.
    Is there any co-relation that you know of?

    10 Apr, 2017 at 10:02 am - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Hi Pamela,
      Yes it is true about the changes in the ‘age-frame’ for people. However, there is a nine year window that all people fall into here. The window for this change starts and finishes between 46 and 54 (inclusive) and is based on the timing one experiences when they join the nine-year cycles the earth has based on it’s spin and rotation around our Sun. This is not a nonsense, this is a scientific fact. You see, the Sun rotates once on its axis but the Earth rotates 27 times during the same period. the common denominator is found by the formula 3 x 9 = 27, and this is in exact proportion as the sun travels around our Galaxy at 540,000 miles per hour. By summing the compound number to a single digit, 9 is found, just like the 27 spins of the Earth. Nature provides the answers when you ask the questions and look for the clues. Thank you for your interest.

      1 Sep, 2017 at 3:56 pm - Reply
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    Interesting article. Who will claim victory when Bashar is outed?

    19 Apr, 2017 at 11:14 am - Reply

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