“Excuse me, who’s saying what about me? Now really, do you think I will tell you my thoughts?”

Emergent truth, engaging Lettrological Science, discloses the Real News from Fake News.

It should be noted that no National or Political bias is involved in this report. I hope you enjoy this insightful disclosure.

The following is a ‘remote-view’ revelation about one of the most powerful men on the planet. I present the Real Vladimir story from his beginnings to today and beyond, allowing you to see who he really is, and what lies ahead for this most misunderstood man.

Real News is Truth. Here, a figurative Rocket Science Degree is required to understand Putin’s inner secrets. So, Mike (spin doctor) Hosking, sit down, chill out as this is above your pay grade. Everyone else is invited to read on.

The most impressive point about Vladimir is revealed when he was in his formative years – birth to four years of age. It was here his brain began forming into that of a champion, a performer in mental agility, and it excited his cognitive spark plugs. Vladimir is a perfectionist at heart. Most of the work he does, most of the time, is unseen. He is literally equivalent to that of a Nobel Prize winning strategist.

Another Olympic quality Putin has can be measured from his almost unchallengeable talent of foresight. Very few people I have ever case studied can match the superhuman ability this man has at drawing information out of ‘thin air’ so to speak. When one is speaking to him, he has already superseded their utterings and formed the required outcome without any visible sign he has done so, being detected. It seems he has the formidable skill to move mentally into the future and see events that would unfold from a present position, where those in his court exist.

The strength he has, to burn the candle at both ends, would exhaust other people, but not Vladimir. This added quality allows him to do what must be done, when it must be done, whether he likes it or not. However, he does have an Achilles Heel, as do all people, some more than others. Vladimir has a passion for beauty and softness. This being so, if his emotional strings are stroked the right way, he is a gentle giant and many will warm to his presence and social interactions. Should he be deceived, experience mistrust from others he has faith in, or anything that makes him feel broken deep within his core, he will find it challenging to think clearly and he will act on instinct rather than a well planned format of activity. This can be dangerous to those directly in his path. The Bull, the Bear, the Boar, when threatened go head down and can tear their foe to pieces for all the right reasons. This should be well appreciated and understood by those that test his emotional patience. Friend or foe, he works equally to deal with anything put before him.

To a major degree, he is like President Trump who said; “Never tell, nor give your enemy your plans, as you will have provided them the ammunition to shoot you. The Clinton’s were like this and have paid (and are still paying) the price for their activities. The truth when placed in a colander, will separate bullshit from facts.

The Present:

Last year (2016) was a turning point for Vladimir and he processed a lot of decisions that has brought about changes in his activity and thought processes. One thing he did realise, he had to prepare for material and financial responsibility and be very ‘sharp’ at making sure his planning had lateral strategic variables, especially as he ‘knew’ the tide of change was upon him, even before Trump became President Elect. I put up a youtube clip that unfolded exactly as I said it was going to happen in July, nearly five months prior to the US election; check it out; https://www.facebook.com/peter.vaughan.96742 .

2017 is one very intense year for all the major political world leaders. In Vladimir’s case, this is a ‘razor’s edge’ period and he is being put under pressure (as mentioned three paragraphs above). He was not expecting some of the events in February and much was being kept under the covers from the world. As February came into play, serious activities have been brought to his attention to handle. Then in April the world heard allegedly that Bashar al-Assad had gas bombed his people. That led to the Tomahawk bombing in April by the US.

Following this, the US then bombed Achin with the first time use of the M.O.A.B. weapon, on an ISIS cave network. Putin can see he is now in a serious mode and is having to re strategize his plans, because President Trump does not broadcast what he is about to do.

Late May will see Vladimir forced to adjust his position, and he will be manipulated into taking new measures to manage escalating matters. As June comes to a close, other potential ‘surprises’ are in store for him, and if this is not enough, he will be positioned to re-evaluate the change in tides that have come before him. This will not be easy or pleasant for the Russian President and a snap decision to act may bring headlines everywhere from what unfolds.

September will be the turning point of the year. There are heavy times to deal with and they must be taken extremely seriously because November will see matters bring a distinct change to Putin in his personal life and the world will see a different side to him. He, and Trump, and other world leaders will be under the spotlight and very little will be as it was, so we need to observe the lead up, as things are unfolding at a rapid rate and even Kim Jong Un will be caught up in the tidal wave of events well before the year has played its hand.


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