Flight MH 370 Key Clues and Key Secrets

Every person has a primary Emotional Blueprint, not so different to the unique DNA or fingerprint signatures everyone has. Using this technology could help discover what happened on flight MH 370.

Emotions experienced by people are recorded in memory, the bigger the emotional experience, the more significant the memory.

The passengers, crew, extended family and friends of MH 370 all experienced emotional trauma one way or another whether unintentional or by design, it matters not.

Using the DA formula to cross reference and map the people on the plane and those emotionally attached to the people on the flight, it’s possible to detect a common emotional events that took place on the flight. This can help discover other possible outcomes if there are any.

DA is the result of over 34 years study utilising empirical data to create statistics and the discovery of common denominators linked to events all people have such as with flight MH 370.

It is possible to identify and group the Data of every known passenger on the ill fated flight and provide exact ‘events’ as they happened on board as all were subject to the same ‘thing’ at the same ‘time’.

World authorities are exhausting their resources with diminishing results. Time has run out for anyone on the bottom of the ocean, but maybe not so for anyone on the ground or in some other secret location perhaps.

Is it possible this was a well thought out and planned event. It is possible people out there know exactly what happened and why, and hope by design ‘matters’ will never be brought to light and rely on the mask of time to fade public memories to keep secret their activities. Who knows? A parallel story to JFK perhaps.

No conspiracy theory is intended in this article to cause public mind swing, only a quest to have the events of the day laid bare so all can see the truth that the fatal flight was in fact something that could have been predicted and avoided.

The personal information of the Pilot and Co-pilot have been published for the world to see, and the events on the day using Data Analytics strongly identify the actions of the pilots were detectable well before lift off. So too it must be for all the passengers and crew who inadvertently took part in the flight.

Those who know my life’s work and have tested its effectiveness will understand what I am able to do with what I have discovered in the Data Analysis field. No spook stuff only science and math.

If there is enough interest, I will publish the two profile stories of the Pilot and Co-pilot of flight MH 370. Their Emotional Blueprints show things were potentially going to happen before they left the ground.

email me peter@111webnet.com with your interest or views.

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