Fox News Host, Chris Wallace in for a surprise.

Quick Prediction: 12 Feb 2017

Based entirely on my IP method of Predictive Indexing, it would appear that Chris Wallace may be heading for rough weather re his well being. Potentially, Chris may have to reconsider his contract on how much longer he is able to remain or for that matter ‘want to remain’ an anchor for Fox News.

Certainly he has a well respected track record and rides an even keel with his style of reporting and journalistic pursuits, but as does come with all people, a time where change is inevitable or simply one of Natures ways of telling us to slow down under our own steam or be “stopped” by another! In this case, Chris has had a couple of years working under increasing roles with increasing responsibility. The pressure is building and the sand is running low.

2017 is asking him to do more, and he will be feeling obliged to perform, but the elements of his environment and circumstances are such, that the ‘unexpected’ will likely pop in to visit Chris especially in the remaining few months of the year.

My advice, take more tea breaks and look at the sunsets and stars, they are awe inspiring and thought invoking.

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