Its crunch time !

So lets get some background info on which teams to back. I’ve listed in no particular order the leaders of each of the 5 main parties and have a link that you can download a personality analysis and current months provided for each one. They are downloadable as an Adobe pdf file for each person, and cover as many aspects as a person would get in a gold profile report from my site. I encourage you to have a good read about what makes each person tick, from a completely objective viewpoint – I haven’t written these directly about the people involved, these are the results from my process being run over these people and the resultant data is collated into a report.

[Download link] Gareth Morgan РTHE OPPORTUNITY PARTY 

[Download link] James Shaw – GREEN PARTY

[Download link] Winston Peters – NEW ZEALAND FIRST

[Download link] Jacinda Ardern – LABOUR

[Download link] Bill English РNATIONAL

Its an exciting race, neck and neck. download the reports now and make your own opinions on who will cross that finish line first.

Also, as always, you can visit on your mobile and put in anyone you like, be they political, a celebrity or even your boss, and get a little insight into that person !

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