Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern – a Profile by Peter Vaughan

This work is compiled and created using a form of analysis called Lettrology. It is a term developed that enables me to reverse engineer the psychological conditioning of any person, and here, you’re about to find out what this Leader of the NZ Labour Party is all about.

First Impressions: She is a woman full of ideas and keen to improve anything she comes across that captures her attention.  But she has a determined nature and does not trust people easily, until ‘they’ have proven they are worthy of her trust. She is driven and will administrate her opinion upon others she sees as being disorganized. Up front she has a nice side, then she lets you know where she stands! However, she will protect those she cares about and not back down from her beliefs and standpoint.

How People describe her: She always presents herself attractively until she rolls her sleeves up to get on with what needs doing. She always commands a conversation and will talk the fur off a polar bear if she had to. She has a strong control of diction and is well spoken, very alert and creative with words and phrases. She has energy to burn and a passion for being heard. She like pretty things and enjoys ‘tasty’ food but concocted from wholesome ingredients. She can be very intuitive and quickly picks up the heart beat and feelings of those she enters into discussion with. She likes to have money as she sees it as a means to get the things she sees she needs in life.

When you get to know her fully: This is able to be done only when she trusts you fully. She can be laid back and a home bod, and feel very comfortable in the back yard or garden. She is not afraid of ‘hands on work’ and will muck in with the best of them. She likes a home for material security, and a partner for life as this makes her feel emotionally secure. She is hurt more easily than most realise but she will hold her emotions in and keep them to herself, but she does not forget easily those that have crossed her boundaries with mistrust or lies. If she does not have structure, she is lost.

What motivates her: The bigger the project, the more she likes it. Jacinda has no fear about the size of the project or task before her, in fact she feeds off it. She has a strong interest in being involved with people and therefore anything she does that involves travel, meeting new people, organising events – the bigger the better – then you will find her in her element. However, she has to have things structured or she will spread her energies too wide and waste her time and schedules can go out the window.

Her Traits: Careful here. She is a very determined lass and will not let go of anything she stands for. This is where her initial strength is seen. Because this is almost what people see in the short time they come to know her, most will stay out of her way for fear she may target them and shoot from the hip with her comments and assertions. It is not that she means to be a bully, she just says it how it is! She does not know she offends anyone, this is just one of her mannerisms and she has always had it.

Her Skills and Talents: She likes things organised, the way they should be, attractive, warm and with a ‘feel good’ atmosphere to boot. When Jacinda does anything, or gets involved in the organisation process, it must look good or she is not happy. She likes value for money and her’s is the last word. Art, colour and rooms with a view, but not of the city lights, Nature, and all that is wholesome.

What are her lifelong aspirations? As Jacinda enters her mature years, she will run an enterprise where she is independent or in a leadership position. She does not enjoy being managed, she likes to be at the helm and running things her way and she does not really trust that others can do as well as she can. It is likely she will always enjoy the grass roots of life but will have something well established and earning money!

How is she feeling in 2017? Since late 2015, Jacinda Has been in her element and has been enjoying the roller-coaster experience of her journey very much. Her engine is stoked and she has a head of steam that is pushing the locomotive at a fast pace.

This is what has brought her to the head of the Labour Party. She is of two minds. She can see the goal ahead, it is close and the pressure and passion is there to drive right up the the finish line no matter what. Her mind is very active and her intuition is in top gear. She feels if she wins the election, she knew she could do it – if she loses, she will maintain the pressure as she will still be fired up.

The lead up: She had major matters rise up and shake her in JULY. Was she aware things were changing in the leadership? I think so. This was a BIG time for decisions, and she had to rapidly begin contemplating for the course of events ahead.

Come AUGUST when Andrew Little stood down as Party Leader, she already knew it was her that was to replace him – who else? She felt her energy drop, but no one could be allowed to see that. She has to take the helm and steer the ship through, come hell or high water. She was not fully prepared and she did a good job of concealing her concerns she was not up to scratch. But, she bit the bullet and worked her heart out.

SEPTEMBER. In many ways, Jacinda is ready. She is in a position where she knows she can take the lead. This has nothing to do with the public or the polls feeding the public’s opinions; will she do it, will she fail, can she do it, what if she can’t? The one thing that will provide the answers is the week, post election. The abacus of September indicates a slowing in her pace. There is much for her to consider and she can make no mistakes or the flag of failure will start to flutter in the breeze.

What is predicted: As the work I do is based on calculus, and understanding the psychology of people from a remote standpoint, I am only looking at Jacinda in the following context. Until I take the time to assess the other party leaders, I will not make a full pledge of what I believe will be the outcome. However, here is my judgement for the time being and it is not a statement I will up-hold till I have properly analysed and weighed the odds of the other contenders – but it is fun doing this from where I am sitting.

For Jacinda, There is a fresh wind coming in from the side in September. This is an encouraging gust of energy for her, but she still knows she can make no mistakes. In the week leading up to the weekend of the 16th and 17th, she will have gentle pushes, and feel like it is possible she can pull this off. Monday 18th the wind may fall from her sails, Tuesday 19th, hope rise, then fall away on the 20th… 21st… 22nd… On the 23rd Her spirits seem lifted – Sunday seems flat! Exhaustion perhaps, or, is it as the month concludes, and the tide goes out on September, Jacinda appears not in good spirits as she was earlier, and there are very big considerations facing her in October. This is like a tipping point. But, until I assess the other leaders, I will leave you on the razors edge.

Till you read the next chapter in a few days.

Peter Vaughan.


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