Numerology, what it is, and what it is not.

The Truth Behind Numerology

I was named after a man in a film. My mother was emotionally taken by the lead actor who played the lead part of the true life story behind a remarkable man called Peter Marshall. The film was called, ‘A Man Called Peter”. The actor playing the part of “Peter Marshall” was Richard Todd (Mum liked him) and not the real Preacher who although become the US Senate Chaplain, was already dead at the time of the film.

I was not named after a number, nor were you, yet we are all numerologists whether we like to accept it or not.

Numerology is considered “spooky” stuff by many, but when learning to count and do math, you were doing numerology, you were studying number patterns, adding, subtracting, and working out averages and so on. The real freaks of numerologists are the chemists and physicists and computer programmers – even Einstein! Letters or symbols such as ( x – f = T) are used to manipulate numbers into forms that can be used in calculus to discover new fields of discovery through the research and study they do; i.e. the study of numbers, number-ology (numerology).

Numerology is not just about numbers, it is also a tool mathematicians use to get answers to problems, and one I use to scientifically Code and assess the different Skills and Characteristics people have. Data is all about numbers and this is what I use, to do the work I do. I even have a Company called Data Intelligence Ltd and another called Data Projections Ltd, and I have computers do the work for me.

The old and outdated Numerology used by thousands of “Numerologists” (birthdate interpreters), is used as a tool of divination. To look at a person and perform a character analysis from their birth date is not a wise thing to do. The horse and cart have moved aside for the more powerful Data crunching, and a great deal of skill and understanding of Human Diagnostics is required to assess a Personality, Character and probable outcome of what a person does, or will likely do, but just using a birth date is like suggesting how fast a car can go based on its colour.


The New Jerusalem Bible (a Universal Reference Version for all major religions) clearly shows this in Genesis 17:5 where people’s names were changed to change people’s destinies – NOW THAT’S FREAKY! In fact the footnotes to that verse state “For the ancients a name did not merely indicate, but actually made a thing what it was and a change of name meant a change of destiny”.

Can you imagine the letters of your name having anything to do with changing your future? According to God’s Word in the Bible it does. But wait, there’s more.

I approached an open minded Lawyer who worked for a huge oil conglomerate in Netherland, and interestingly enough, is a God fearing man. We talked over this Numerology stuff and he wanted to look deeper into it and came back to me with these words; it is the only thing permitted in the Bible as accepted Godly Divination. Revelations 13 last verse states “there is need for shrewdness here, anyone clever may interpret the name of the Beast, it is the number of a human being, it is the number of his name”. In the footnotes to that verse, it states; “In both Greek and Hebrew, letters are converted to numbers. The number of Caesar God adds to 666 and in Greek 616 the alternative reading”. BAM!

So what is Numerology?

Peter Pics
Numerology is not a weird type of Occult, it is a biblical belief as was commonly used – so who changed it to being an evil thing and made all the school children (and those of us who were once kids), and especially accountants, scientists, chemists and physics analysts the evil doers in the world?

And what Numerology is not

Numerology may offend some, but it has nothing to do with numbers, nor does it give a number any powers, this is utter Crap. Now there is an interesting point. People may be offended by the word CRAP and think it is slang. Well, CRAP is short for CRAPPER and I am sure the CRAPPER family would be offended if you thought their Family Name was bad when many people in the UK purchased a fine toilet as was fashioned by Thomas Crapper. The toilet brand proudly bared his name; “Crapper”. So Crap is not a bad word – people exposed their most private parts to them every day.

Same with Numerology, we look to see what the Date is, look up people phone numbers, add up balances in our cheque books and so on. I am not bending the word to make it something else. After studying many, many things about people and what makes them ‘tick’ I have to use Codes to set up statistics and the results provided clues, answers and revelations to help me help people.

Numerology is not about Numbers, it is about the study of vibrations, of atoms, of light and energy waves.

Vibrations; every living and non-living thing in the entire world, the universe, and the galaxies are made of energy and matter (atoms as one example) and it all vibrates. Words vibrate. Does that mean we cannot use words as they are evil too? If that is so, then Jesus and God and Yahweh are all letters and numbers and all vibrate and can all be numbered but it is not Numerology as most idiots think. In fact for most people it is an absolute shock to learn that research has shown many times over that people don’t really think much at all and so the less one thinks, the more of an idiot they may be – according to an evaluation of the research might suggest. If this was wrong, then Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, and Gandhi would be wrong as they all followed this line of thought… and the Bible too as it talks of being diligent in thought and understanding wisdom.

I am not pushing Biblical principles or standing for Occults, for Christianity is an “Occult” according to the meaning of the word, I am however saying that for anyone to make a stand in the shadows of Ignorance, has no right to make a judgement about anything they do not have an established understanding of.

In finishing (if I can make myself come to a halt on this subject), People have built the world as we know it using numbers and letters. These are the primary tools of mankind’s technical edge, for without letters, numbers and words, names and formulas, we would be as are the animals as words and numbers are the foundation of THINKING!

Without words and numbers to think with, man will have literally lost his MIND.

Thank goodness we can use Alphabets that use its letters to make words from (Lettrology), and Numbers that we can calculate from (Numerology) to have an appreciation of the world.

Peter Vaughan

Alphabet and Number Researcher


  1. Julie George

    Thanks Peter ,interesting read. When is your next course? Might BE there!

    2 Aug, 2015 at 8:40 am - Reply
  2. Monique Edlinger

    Hello..I am interested to know when your next course will be

    23 Aug, 2015 at 8:26 pm - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Monique, just to let you know there is a course on in the 3rd week of November, 21st and 22nd. email for more info.

      12 Nov, 2015 at 3:46 pm - Reply
  3. Connie Henegan

    Hello Mr. Vaughan,

    I received a notice from PayPal letting me know that you have refunded the smaller package fee. I appreciate your honesty.

    I do have a problem in that I have not received the report from you that I’m so looking forward to reading. I have gone through my email and checked deleted files as well yet I don’t find it.

    Could you please resend my report?

    Best regards,
    Connie Henegan

    23 Feb, 2017 at 2:39 pm - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Hi Connie, thanks for your note. I checked your file and see that your requested it on the 20th February and I have a file copy of it being processed and sent by me on the 22nd February. I have just pulled your report file and re-sent it to you. Please chack your spam or junk folder as accounts are the worst for dumping anything ‘it’ deems could be malicious. I advise many people to swap their “hotmail” accounts to as they are better and they are from the same provider.
      Any problems writ to me at for my personal attention. Regards, Peter Vaughan

      9 Apr, 2017 at 2:29 pm - Reply

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