NZ Elections 2017 – the Final Count Down

This is one very messy election with Leaders and MP’s dropping out before the election, the Polls giving strange indicators, the young new voters liking Jacinda Ardern’s marijuana policy, and other people stand up and balk about Jacinda Ardern’s Water Taxes, Capital Gains Tax, Gift Tax, Tax tax…, then she backs down and says she’ll leave all the claimed new tax policies till next election. A Coalition is needed, then not, Nat’s in front, then not, Labour is the new way, then not. Bloody hell.

I have looked at most of the Party Leaders and many of the MP’s and can see an absolute mess, and so by the time you read all the profiles in the middle, and read between the lines, I think you will not be quite sure who will win, but I feel there is a winner and a Coalition will be necessary. However, even this has the wind’s of change woven in, as 2017 moves slowly into 2018.

In all honesty, we need a new, strong and well represented Party that knows not to bias, not to bully, not to ignore the money tree, that is, the people at ground level who create the cash-flow, the fair taxes, to support the country, and who provide the grease under their rails of industry and commerce, so we as a people can all contribute, work, live, and feel good about our government. Lies and false promises no more!

Bill English’s picture and his signature on the front of the podium (I placed there), is one such indicator he is not ‘straight up’! (read below for that). Politics is a bully club. The famous film “Lord of the Flies” provides proof enough of that. So for what it’s worth, and against all odds, I submit this story for my good followers and critics alike. If you want to get ahead, go and make friends with that person in the mirror, and forget what the lunatics in Politics are saying. I cannot trust them as they have ‘always lied’ and always will, until the people wake up and select a new, and decent team of people, to lead our beautiful country.

My next story may upset the farmers and some industries as I am going to spill the beans on what is polluting our waterways, and it’s not the cows and the farmers have been mislead.


Gareth is a tough cookie (on the outside), inside he is as soft as jelly, has learned many things the hard way and paid the price for his mistakes. People can only take so much of him as he belongs to the group of those who say, “I will do it my way, and bugger what you think”. He will push and press and can change his mind at a moments notice. He has initiative and will strive to shape New Zealand his way “for all the right reasons” according to Gareth. September sees him in a very s l o w spot and the Universe has unfriended him for the time being. In some sense, he will continue his ‘background noise’ and potentially build strength for the next time round. Likely outcome on the day – “Nil-All” this time round but he may creep up the scales for 2020.

ACT PARTY – David Seymour

He is practical, loyal to friends, generally trustworthy, but quite opinionated. He’s sensitive, easily hurt and keeps much to himself. He has a quality of thinking outside the square to overcome problems. He enjoys systems, technology, but finds flighty people challenging to work with. A bright personality and well presented with a natural ability to express himself. He has a great sense of inner vision, is versatile, and given the opportunity he can be an upfront person, not adverse to speaking from his heart about what he has a passion for. Any weakness he has will show up when under stress or pressure from other persons where he may react emotionally rather than reason with the matter. This should be watched for if he is to hold a position of responsibility. Likely outcome on the day – Not too good!


He is a visionary, wants to improve things, has a quick mind and will create opportunities through innovative thinking. He has a natural flair with communication, likes being surrounded by friends and associates, but under pressure, he can become quiet and withdrawn. As such, socialising in moderation is best, but this requires self control. He is likable and initiates friendships easily, though not always able to cope with too much conflict. He is caring, considerate and has an almost holistic nature extending into every field that he is interested in. He likes business, the natural order of things, and others who work in harmony to get things done. He has executive ability and is very understanding making him well liked by those under his guidance. When placed in management roles, he is well suited as he sees the bigger picture and will endeavor to ensure all operations are designed and targeted to suit everyone. He has the means to work with finance. He presents a genuine and positive side of his nature, and enjoys a full and healthy life with friends at every corner. His potential negatives can be seen if he becomes focused on self gain and seeking personal recognition, this being so he will eventually fall out of favor with many including his colleagues and associates.

He may seek the best, for deep within him is the desire for the quality life offers. He has a sense of perfection governing his thoughts and his aims are high. However, sometimes he may go after goals that are almost impossible to attain and he’ll learn big lessons. Some may see him as calculating and suspicious, even a little of the bully may show at times, and he may seek certain associations. He will at times, sneak away as he needs to get away from people and work out issues on a mental level, especially when he has serious problems to address. Likely outcome on the day – Fair

NEW ZEALAND FIRST – Winston Peters

From the get go, he is determined yet somewhat shielded. He has a strength about him and may lead the conversation suggesting ‘things’ are more or less the way he says they are, and he’ll be undeterred when expressing his views. He really wants to improve situations he comes face to face with, but will do it with a self-focused perspective and will hold his ground. He will guard against those that may try to detour his way of thinking, as he has a very strong presence and will stand, letting those around him know that his way is best. He will show a lot of protection for those he holds dear; family, loved ones and those that have proven they are worthy of his trust. Irrespective, he does not like to be told what to do, and will hold a grudge and be very unforgiving based on his principles which suggest “it is my way or the highway”. When he wants to get the job done, one he believes in, he is like a bull dog that will not let go. Others see him as quite deep and reserved by nature and he can be very particular about the way he likes things done. This is because he has patience, accuracy and an ‘eye for detail’  and will bide his time till he hits the mark. He will often see things others have overlooked. However, his downside may surface when he becomes agitated if he does not get the results he wants within a reasonable amount of time.

Winston does not appear to be in the best of health and is in what I term “a cluster” of challenging times. He is at a turning point and therefore I feel he is not as energetic and driven as he could be. However, he certainly will not reveal any such condition to anyone, that would be out of character! Likely outcome on the day – challenging!

LABOUR – Jacinda Ardern (Andrew Little)

Although I have preceded this story with a full description of Jacinda, I will add a little about Little (that sounds weird, but then again, that’s about right). So, lets discuss Little, Phil Twyford, Kelvin Davis, and Grant Robertson.

Andrew Little. He was having a very bad year, some might liken it to living a ‘Friday the 13th’ all year long, and even the day he resigned, 1st August 2017, was like a double whammy Friday 13th, so Andrew is a gone burger although I suppose he is a very nice guy from what I have heard. If he was leader on the Election day; The END.

Phil Twyford is as keen as mustard this year. He feels like a rabbit in a race for what ever rabbits race for, and on the day of the election, he is bright and bushy tailed, then ‘snap’ … “what happened” Well Phil, its like this, someone seems to have popped your balloon and for the next three months you’ll be in the cupboard if anyone wants you.

Kelvin Davis has been working hard and has taken on a lot which has seen him busy here, and busy there, and on Elections day he is making sure things are ticking along nicely, as much as he is allowed to do as he’s a bit nervous. Well, after the election, he sees a new month ahead, more planning to do, reports to write and, and, and, wondering why he wants to get up and go but his get up and go, has gone.

Grant Robertson, now this is an interesting profile as Grant is somewhat different to the other Labour MP’s. He has strength and drive for all the good and proper reasons, and most certainly this year has provided every opportunity for him to be as busy as a bee. Last month he had a lot of issues and problems to contend to, but as September has come into play, he is feeling alive and kicking. Now, come election day, Grant will be on the ball until the next day. The wind has gone and the sails are empty. Oh……….

NATIONAL – Simon William (Bill) English

Well! What a messy election, and what a lot of changes have taken place, and still a lot of changes are yet to unfold after the election. But before I go on, I ask you to consider the question; “why does Bill English not use his given name “Simon” but use his abbreviated middle name “William” or “Bill” for short? And why is his signature so clear with the ‘Bill’ and yet his Surname totally illegible, ‘English’ which looks like “Glwi”? Having studied ‘Signature Analysis’ under the guide of an An Australian Police Officer who used this tool to analyse Prison inmates, a person who does not use their original Christian Name, but their Middle name, has something they do not want to live with…? And, when they shorten and use their Middle name from William to Bill, they are sidestepping an emotional side of their life. However, the Surname of our present Prime Minister is anchored with a scribble that is totally illegible, and it looks nothing like the word “English”.

By not using his given first name, and by providing a shortened middle name (easy to read) and hiding his Surname in scribble (English), indicates he does not like his past and he has little time and feeling for his family name. So what is it that Bill English wants to detach himself from? This is a strong indicator that something ‘back there’ is not right, and “He’s running the country”!

Bill’s birth name relates to a troubled life, based on my 37 years of analysing thousands of people’s names. He has a soft side, a history full of lessons – side to his life. He did not do a good job last time he was Prime Minister and then acting as the Deputy PM under John Key, he was fine until Prime Minister John Key, up and left office in a rush, handing the reigns to Bill ??? What was that all about? So there is a lot more to this that the public are led to believe by the controlled Media, or the Politicians themselves.

The 2017 Elections

Bill English is heading for a difficult year in 2017! It seems he is going to sail through this election with some difficulty as his environmental conditions are somewhat difficult to navigate. The lead up to September has been ladled with emotional difficulties and concerns and a great deal of responsibility. September is a difficult month for Bill, and although, and probably under his own calculations, he is managing reasonably well, next month for him is not so good, nor is late November, and even December is leaving him with a mind full of decisions that will plague him on into 2018 without let-up. It is possible the elections will be a mess, based on the complications of promised Marijuana laws being loosened from Jacinda Ardern and so the young people of NZ will see a massive party mood on the way, even if the medicinal qualities of the plant are in fact helpful to those in need of the medicinal qualities it has. So National has a challenging time, more-so after the election than on the day.

I am caught between the media, the polls and what people are saying, but I rely on what I see in the individual patterns on people’s lives that I have studied more than half my life. And so, The Nats will take the election with support, potentially from New Zealand First.

Paula Bennett, has similar traits and qualities as Bill English, and this is why they have a ‘kinship’ of sorts. The next two months for Paula are not easy and next year near is completely different from where she is now. This indicates to me a tide has turned and movement within the Party is likely. Likely outcome for Paula – changes for her are soon to follow.

Steven Joyce, since John Key left office, seems to have gone ‘flat’ and his drive, jovial energy and happy go lucky presence, is now a damp cloth. The elections seem like a ‘non event’ for him even though he was a key player in the National Party when John Key was there. He is entering the period of what I call ‘a flat-liner, and so; likely outcome for Steven post election, business as usual, see you at the ‘water-cooler’.

David Carter, has had a lot on his shoulders for three years now and last year was really heavy for him. There is no let up from him having to perform for his ‘Bosses’ and he has significant changes to his routines and responsibilities since JK (John Key) left the building. Next year is ‘the pits’ for David and therefore, the likely outcome for David post the election is “oh crap”.

Jonathan Coleman, was knocked off his perch when JK shot through on such short notice in 2016, and he has been doing his utmost to perform all this year, however, September is a ‘shocker’ for him and October seems to follow suit. However, he will survive and re-establish his footing after a few months. The likely outcome of the election, he’ll get the broom and start sweeping up the mess.

Judith Collins, two years ago was in the crap. Last year she was reprieved, this year she had the rug pulled from under her feet, and September this year, is yet another blow to her. “What the hell is going on” one might hear her mind screaming if you were close enough. She is a tough one for sure and will survive, but September is certainly impacting for her and many others. Election outcome, “Change in the house is needed!!!”

The people have spoken. We have had enough. There is no clear Party to Vote In. In my view, the safest bet is to stick with National until Labour or the other Parties get their shit together. Stop make bullshit promises, get real, it is people’s lives you are playing chess with. The sudden rush of housing requirements for the so called shortage, required a massive import of migrants, which also put MORE pressure on the existing housing shortage and filled the roads with Foreign drivers, bottle necking the New Zealand highways, requiring more infrastructure, requiring more labour,… Wake Up and smell the roses oh ye in the Bee Hive.


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    Alan Moffitt

    excellent article Peter I to have said on many occassions that Winston’s Health could be a issue requiring changes in Leadership to NZ first, I agree that a National lead Government either on it’s own or with help from NZ first is the best of the bad bunch not prefect but a must for the benefit of all New Zealanders to deal with a possible War situation . Kim has threatened Aussie and his bombs will reach there which would kill more Kiwis than if he sent a bomb to USA. So time to put money and legalising drugs aside and vote for the best party to deal with a War. Thanks for your article very interesting and your entree about Jacinta which included her having a flat day on 18th Sept was correct in that Her Grandmother passed away. Blessing to you. Alan Moffitt

    19 Sep, 2017 at 10:27 pm - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Thank you Alan for your comment. I still find the discovery of the tool, that I now use to predict events ahead, and to prove events of the past, the most amazing thing to find it’s way to the surface, and it can now be learned by anyone who wishes to gain a foothold in helping other people bring out the best in themselves and improve the Human Race. Again, thank you for your continued support.
      Peter Vaughan – Lettrologist

      19 Sep, 2017 at 11:13 pm - Reply

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