Oprah is changing direction

According to the Women’s Mags, Oprah Winfrey is not amused with Dr Phil’s activities and conduct over the heavily criticized interference in Britney Spears’ life and he’s on the verge of being “dramatically fired” which may promote the health of the nation in itself.

Oprah feels Phil has overstepped the mark and betrayed Spears’ by using her problems and despair to promote himself. Winfrey’s’ show launched Dr Phil’s career and because his show is controlled through her company (Harpo Productions), Oprah is effectively his boss.

Old Phil really needs a dose of his own medicine, but that may be as ineffective on himself as it is for most of his ‘audience-clients’ and the viewers. Playing on people’s lives, giving them their 15 minutes of fame, is not worth the damage he can do via his televised program. Oprah also features in Woman’s Day – this time about her battle with weight. Her obvious dedication to US presidential candidate Barack Obama and the collapse of a 21-year relationship have proven to be a heavy toll on her and she identifies a thyroid condition as the gain in her weight.

Mega stars like Oprah, have to brave their faces to the world. Stress, personal and business, are suppressed from the ever watchful eyes of reporters, their photographers and the gossip merchants who all take their piece of the ‘wounded flesh’ of anyone who’s down and out, especially if they’re popular. The unfolding events of Dr Phil and her collapsed relationship play havoc on Oprah. But this is no different than the happenings in the lives of the people see everyday. No-one escapes life’s pressures.

Notes following are my prognosis re Oprah and her up-and-coming LIFE CHANGES.


Oprah is no different  a person than anyone else except she has followed her passion, her dream to help others. She has experienced more life-events than most, not because she’s Oprah, because her personality is magnetic, drawing the multitudes seeking her out to sort answers to their problems.

Oprah loves people. She enjoys the interaction, helping and teaching them, and when she makes a difference to the lives of the people she’s ‘touched’, their is no sweeter reward for her. Oprah is not afraid of the screens, she’s a natural, standing in front of an audience – a camera, she speaks freely about what she knows and has experienced. Her very presence oozes emotion and passion, and all who see her, feel her energy.

Like most emotionally in-touch people, comfort foods her feel better. Food acts as a temporary comfort for those who are more in touch with their feelings that the rest of the crowd. But when Oprah is depressed, she needs is a shoulder to lean on and a friend who loves her, for her, not because of who she is. She has a spiritual life and has always known there is a reason for living and dying, and she is not afraid of death. Oprah needs to feel she will have done ‘her job’ before she leaves the blue planet, and the love and support of a companion along the way is very important. There is a price to pay for being too popular.


According to the work I do, Oprah is soon to change her direction. The 29th of January is her birthday, and when it has come and gone, she will start to realize she has had enough of much of what she has been doing for so long and will seek another avenue for her interests.

Barack Obama has her support in the lead up to the Presidential elections and her involvement with Barack is not the cause of her decision to change her life, and work, it is to do with the tipping point of timing in her personal life that has brought her to Barack; she couldn’t avoid this if she’d tried no different than Bill Gates meeting the rising of the time of the computer.

Over the next three years, Oprah is going to fulfil a dream she is only just realizing is right in front of her. It’s like deja vu at the moment, and when her birthday arrives next Tuesday, the pendulum in her life will start to swing to a different rhythm, her heart will sound out a different beat and the ideas forming in her mind will need to be expressed. This is a real passion for her and she’ll want to be “hands-on” to the new task she is to set for herself.


Points to note this year for Oprah:

JANUARY will keep her busy and having to be more responsible, but her mind is having to deal with unanticipated matters and there are details that need sorting.

FEBRUARY will see her deeper in thought and personal/business matters will confront her for her attention and things will be at odds with each other.

MARCH brings decisions and management skills to the fore but she has to be careful everything is done as it should be and with great thought. Things become more serious requiring her to be more careful with what is going on. This is not a month to make oversights and silly mistakes and the end of the month will realise some very important issues.

APRIL brings is activity and emotions at one and the same time. She is tidying up matters and has to keep to a schedule; personal issues at knocking at her door too.

MAY has doors closing and doors needing to be opened. A new set of directions and ideas will soon need to be put into operation. Months’ end is where she will have to handle the heavy matters of change.

JUNE offers the ability to move forward again, but Oprah is in a lull. There are lots of questions going round in her head, but whatever happens, the month requires she express her views.

JULY sees the need to address issues to do with small matters, but this should not slow her down. There is a lot to say and do, but the devil is in the detail and the time to get things done even though there is pressure mounting.

AUGUST is a hard-on-month. A lot of work is required of her and she will be making decisions on the fly so to speak. Thinking smart (and accurately) is required of her all month.

SEPTEMBER brings the beginning of the events that will affect her over the next three months. Plans and schedules have to be executed in a very timely manner, and being busy is an understatement.

OCTOBER brings a great deal more responsibility for her to manage. the conditions are hectic and irrespective of the high activity, she must make sure every point and detail is acted on and not overlooked.

NOVEMBER; the Presidential elections month is exciting, busy, scary and anxiety filled, all at one and the same time. no more to be said here. The month is full of pendulum tension. The luck of the month will be based entirely on the preparation and the timing.

DECEMBER has no aspects of negativity attached to it except for the need to slow down or stop for a breather, but the ‘mind’ of Oprah will be like the bullet train! Irrespective of the outcomes of the year, it seems that a little splash out and family gatherings is called for, Christmas or not.

Oprah, you have a good heart and the interests of the people are the top of your list. You’ve been a good role model; remain so, and keep doing in life what you were destined to do. Go girl!

Regards, Peter Vaughan

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