OPRAH, Where to Now Girl ? The Answer is Here, Right Now !

Three years ago I published a story that Oprah would drastically change her life in 2011 and it seem I hit the target. It was two and a half years ago (March 2009), Oprah announced she was stepping down from Harpo Productions, but now I feel I’d like to present a smorgasbord of the qualities Oprah is made up from and provide insights of what lies ahead for her, based on my skill of how a name and birth date create the ‘Personality’ and ‘characteristics’ we all have .

I create Profile Reports for people, and I thought you may like to read Oprah’s. This is not a breach of privacy, this is developed from software my son created for me, and there is no input from any other source than Oprah’s birth name and Date of Birth, that’s it!

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Oprah is an analytical person who enjoys listening, and gathering information, compared to others due to her interest and desire to understand matters she is involved in. She has a natural tendency to improve things around her, at work, home and in almost any position or field of endeavor she becomes engaged in.

She has common sense and a very refined nature. Oprah tries to perfect all she does, yet she is still able to handle a variety of tasks at the same time, because she understands the benefit of a well organized systems.

She likes to test, improve and develop things toward greater efficiency and delivers her findings for the benefit of others to enjoy. She loves to research and prefers at times to work on her own rather than to let other people take the helm. She may seem different or hard to understand at times but this is because she is a thinker and does much of her testing and analyzing of her ideas, within her mind.

Oprah loves to associate with thinkers, scientists, investigators, historians, inventors, specialists, and people with analytical minds. Lawyers, surgeons or any high end field specialist provides her with an opportunity to enjoy a good conversation.

She earns respect from others quickly, even when she was young, but she understands well, the need for a positive attitude or the worst life has to offer will attract itself to her and tough lessons will follow.

Her work must have purpose, otherwise she can waste a great deal of time and energy aimlessly looking and seeking undefined objectives in the wrong places. She enjoys gratification for her efforts, but if things go wrong, and she feels it’s not her doing, she has a tendency to look to others for their inadequacies.

You will know when Oprah is spiraling down an emotional tunnel if she eludes her responsibilities and drops her guard with her appearance. These are signs she is not happy with her lot.



Oprah is a practical person who can be relied on to get the job done. She is not afraid of getting involved with any work at hand, yet irrespective of her energy and effort, she is sensitive and hides her emotions from others.

Having a technical and practical mind, she enjoys order and system and likes a clear direction from which to base her work, where she knows she can apply her energy and get on with the job. Her endurance is admirable and she is trustworthy but a little lax on personal schedules when she is enjoying herself, and time management becomes a necessary evil.

If Oprah feels pressure from people she associates with, she mentally switches off and gets on with her work. However, under pressure and with any harsh words directed at her, she clams up and withdraws. When stressed, she refrains from discussing her problems until she’s ready. At such times, others may consider her hard to understand, so Oprah would rather just keep private things to herself than try to explain her problems to the world.

On a brighter note, she has great ideas and develops amazing projects, and with Oprah, loyalty is important. She will support anyone as long as she is recognized and shown gratitude when she has done her best for the benefit of others. Many of her ideas are worthy of recognition and this makes her an asset to many who observe her talent.

She is a gentle soul, and only feels comfortable letting others get close to her, when she determines trust has been established.

Oprah needs to know what is going on with any new ideas, otherwise, if she is left to try and fathom what others are thinking, she can go off at a tangent, seemingly wasting time working on matters that will not be in accord with the true direction of the job at hand; this raises her frustrations.

When people come to know Oprah, they realise after a time, she is a very capable and multitasking person who manages technical, and people issues, at one and the same time. She is versatile, handling a variety of tasks unilaterally with relative ease. This is one of the special qualities she has that likely brought about her being initially considered as an excellent prospect for her role in the public arena.

Surprisingly enough to others, she adapts so easily to changing situations and gets on with others in her field and team with ease and she is endowed with a great deal of experience in a variety of fields. These qualities have lead her to places where her knowledge and experience are well received by those she meets.

Similarly with all the greats, age has done her justice and has brought out her best in everyone’s eyes. Things such as having to master time management; overcoming the fear of not knowing something and saying so, than to talk dogmatically and fabricating responses to situations that have placed her under pressure, hoping she sounded convincing.

Oprah’s heart, is that she enjoys things being structured and in order. She has a practical outlook on life and likes things proper, and as they should be, and she likes to address problems in a matter of fact way.

She tends to look ahead and plan carefully, then applies herself with the necessary focus. She likes to know that any final direction is well planned and secure, hence a secured income. If there is no set direction and security is not established, she becomes concerned knowing there is nothing to set her mind and energy toward.

In such instances she can become withdrawn, and emotionally stressed, but hides it well as mentioned earlier.

Although Oprah can be a determined and focused worker, there are times when she is the complete opposite, especially during social activities and gatherings when she is in the company of trusted friends.

She is sincere, has inner drive and determination and is happy with her work as long as there are no annoying things that take too much time and
attention away from her main focus. She is a little of a skeptic and has an unconscious tendency to take an opposite or narrow minded point of view.

This is due to her basic beliefs instilled in her when she was very young, and although she may accept some things at face value in the first instance; this is not always the case. Oprah can be hard to convince with some things, until she is shown the facts, and even then, she may not submit to changing her mind.

Oprah likes to plan her life according to her desires, but she also likes to put a little fun into routines, especially where relationships are concerned. Here, she feels more secure when she builds her life brick by brick, avoiding mistakes.

Oprah has some really BIG ideas. She often aspires to projects that will improve worldly matters. At such times she needs to have done her homework and establish her “ideas” have merit. Her emotions run high and if she has become excited and feels she has made a break through, only to learn too late there was a major flaw in her idea, she can become quite depressed.



Oprah has an articulate and somewhat fussy side to the way she likes things done, sometimes causing other people to think she is too particular, but she has a knack of picking up things overlooked by others.

There are times when she may go to extremes, swinging from fussy to a care-less attitude, be unkempt and not concerned about her personal well being at all. Although this is a negative trait, it has a lot to do with her emotions, and at such times, will keep to herself, not wanting to connect with anyone till she’s thought things through.

Generally though, Oprah is gentle, kindly, and a peacemaker with a natural ability to sort out conflicts between people. She has fine qualities and people can rely on her for her steadfastness and quality of work.



Oprah understands practicalities. She likes to know what she is doing and has her hands in the mix with what is going on. She can be very focused with what she’s doing, sometimes to the extent she misses “the obvious” to work on the details. This is where she needs to step back now and then to see the whole project and not just what she is working on.

She is selective in friendships and associations, and is naturally cautious, yet very competent and having the ability to inspire confidence in others. She is not easily carried away outrageous and silly ideas, but being too careful may stop her from exploring some ideas that could work.

She expects fair reward for her efforts, as she works hard and will persevere, applying herself with planning, organizing, managing and procedure, even in technical areas.

She can be disagreeable when she does not have full control over a project, and this trait of hers should be monitored as it can bring with it, unwanted difficulties.



The last few years has swayed Oprah’s thinking toward partnerships, associations and unions with others, not just with personal, but business matters also.

She feels she wants to become involved with the doings of others, but the test of this period will be her ability ‘to get on with these people’ and work with them without getting involved beyond supporting roles.

At times, Oprah will have to exercise patience, cooperation and consideration. Otherwise, by forcing or putting pressure and her ideals on others, and by failing to understand ‘their’ perspectives where “their association with Oprah” stands, may bring about complexities, or even aggression.

Difficulties in partnerships (and friendships) may arise, unless true unity is cultivated. Adversely, there can be a breaking off of associations in ways not anticipated, and harsh lessons learned. However, rewards will come through any specialization or unusual lines away from her “normal” activities or productions.



Oprah entered this challenging period of her life when she was approaching her 42nd birthday. It may bring minor problems she can manage, or bring them to her in abundance.

She may decide to drift along in life soon, but the opportunity exists to excel, and rise above seeming problems to become truly great, however tests will still come her way.

She has a desire to help others now, but this is only possible if she does so with clear conscience and a pure heart. Then she will succeed, and surprisingly well. When challenges or problems, do present themselves at any stage in these latter years of her life, they should not be taken lightly, for during this time, selections must be made, which have to be in line with her career and natural talents.

Any problems will be humanitarian based, so it is a good idea for her to cultivate the desire to make the world a better place for those she turns her time, energy and talent to.



Soon after Oprah turned 54, she began thinking about the idea of managing a larger project. It was as if opportunity opened the way for her to take a command position and to do things on a larger scale.

She saw that money could be made by her influence, and involvement at a personal level, but hopefully, money should not be her main objective. For Oprah, financial rewards will only come ‘after’ her work has been completed, and all that was desired, is successful.

Her new business activities can stand the test of time, if she manages both the people and the infrastructure of the project, BUT RISK TAKING at this time is not advisable unless total due diligence has been undertaken to a high standard. Any mistakes now and on the road ahead will result in costly lessons! Not just financially, but also by way of her reputation.

It is highly likely business activities will increase and any opportunity in marketing or dealing with commercial development should be fine and bring desired results.

Any matters of a personal nature, involving marriage or relationships, have not been her focus for the years 2009 – 2011. Business matters are now in the forefront of her mind, however, it is advisable for her to maintain a high level of communication with her loved ones or serious problems will arise.

An efficient schedule and good financial management are most important at this time for her. She should follow all projects through to completion and keep her hand on the pulse of the work she is in control of. Constant attention must be paid to keeping herself well balanced; mentally, financially and physically.

Oprah has been building up ideas yet again over the past 7 or 8 months and her life is soon to change potentially, in a radical way. What lies ahead for her has not been experienced by her before; not to the extent that it soon will be, and she needs to know what may come from her actions or the worst could happen.



There has been more responsibility for Oprah to manage this year. Aspects of work, income, home, family and even relationships, are all matters she has had to take care of, and this includes money and health
issues, as these will be part of this year’s considerations.

There are two paths for Oprah to consider. There is the potential to gain more knowledge and become more aware of some aspect of her work or skill she has, or she may feel that what she’s doing is no longer important to her and she may consider re-evaluating her
life, or what she is doing as far as her career is concerned.

Consideration has to be given to the circumstances that are affecting her at personal levels. It is possible that conditions with colleagues or close friends and family may be developing, and it might be necessary to engage the help of someone who has more insight to help her deal with issues that can be resolved, with patience and understanding.

This is not a year where things can be expected to go at speed for her. By forcing any matters to attempt a more rapid outcome, may result in frustration and things going wrong. This will only raise her levels of anxiety and anyone she has close associations with.

Oprah may not be feeling quite herself. Her emotions and health issues need to be seen to as soon as any evidence of her being out of sync arises.

On a brighter note, Oprah is ready, and in a position to advance herself to where her skill can be further developed, but for her to achieve this, she will have to be prepared and able to perform whatever is required of her to bring about the desired results.

The path ahead is narrow for her, but once she knows what the rules are, as laid down by life for her to follow, she can exceed her dreams and fulfill her life’s work to her complete satisfaction; but remember, it’s not as she thought it was to be, only a matter of months ago.


STEDMAN GRAHAM – Oprah’s long time friend

Stedman is a perfectionist at heart, he loves the company of intellectuals and enjoys discussing the ‘bigger picture’ and how he has ideas on how ‘civic sized’ concepts, he has from time to time, could help reshape the world at large.

Although this astute and well presented man is admired by many, he is more sensitive than he’d like to admit, and he has a very deep and private life that many have no idea about. He enjoys his time alone and has no need for the company of others to keep himself happy.

His traits are strong, as are his beliefs, and when it comes to his strength of character, to present his views and management capabilities, few would argue with him and his perfectionist ways. He has an established knowledge of many things, enjoys the ‘different’ and quirky ornaments and collectables, and will have a library of non-fiction and quality books. His love of quality, is reflected in his private lifestyle and furnishings. A fine man indeed.

However, there have been matters arising for him this year, that have brought about the need for him to make some important, and life changing decisions. There is to be a major change in his life that he may well know about already, but if not, it is probably going to arrive on his doorstep to manage, from January 2012 to the beginning of June.



Rosie is certainly an interesting lass. Her birthday (21st March) provides her with the necessary tools to express her thoughts as fast as her brain can conjure them up. Yet, if it were not for her first name being shortened to “Rosie” from Roseann, her seemingly natural talent to create and respond with wit and humor, would not be as apparent as it is.

To provide a little evidence for this (as only I can with my Numerology skills), compare Rosie with Robin Williams, and we are going to look for any combination of the Code number “3”; because 3 = fun, talkative and quick witted. However, there are other similarities between these two ‘jokers’.

Robin Williams adds to 12 and 1+2 = 3
Rosie adds to 21 and 2+1 = 3
Robin’s birth DAY is the 21st and 2+1 = 3
Rosie’s birth DAY is the 21st and 2+1 = 3
Rosie’s full name and DOB added together = 93; 9+3 = 12 & 1+2 = 3
Robin’s full name and DOB added together = 129; 1+2+9 = 12 & 1+2 =3
Rosie is born in March – the 3rd month
Robin’s Full Name adds to “4”
Rosie O’Donnell adds to “4”
The vowels in Robin’s name add to 47 and 4+7 = 11 and 1+1 = 2
The vowels in Rosie’s name add to 29 and 2+9 = 11 and 1+1 = 2



No, it just goes to show that with Numerology I see the similarities and common Codes that make people what they are. It is the names we are given at birth that create our personalities.

PS. Robin has to be a little careful as well next year, (2012) as he will have to deal with a few unexpected ‘thingies’ too. He may need a little help with this if anyone’s listening.



Last year, Rosie’s chart clearly indicates she was having a bad year. There was emotion, lessons to learn, much to think deeply about and BIG decisions to make. This made the whole year kinda ‘crappy’.

After she turned 48 in March 2010, Rosie was buffeted by some unexpected matters and she realised she had to bring some things to an end. And as 2011 made it’s entrance, Rosie has (Numerologically speaking) lined up with the exact Codes that Oprah has, for 4 years straight.

What does this mean? Well, birds of a feather flock together, just like Williams and O’Donnell.

Irrespective of the similarities with the numbers of Oprah and Rosie, this does not mean it is all roses and sunshine, not at all. It does say there is a similar track they are both on, but the particular patterns I see are not what would be considered outrageous and fun, more slow and creeping along. This Must Be Looked At! These girls will be needing a little guidance and inside help; is anyone listening?

Peter Vaughan

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