Nature provides two means to identify you to others, a birth day and a body, man provides the third, a Name.

Never underestimate that Nature not only formed you from the same stuff carrots and cows are made from, and yes you did come from dust, as dust is dirt and to dirt you will be once more. (very prophetic aren’t I?). But even sound is from the very essence of Nature too, and our names are conveyed to each other using this medium.

This is not black and white, nor is it rocket science, it’s simply common knowledge, and sound can be pleasant to our ears, or hurt them, and our names have a sound.

The PROBLEM most people have is we do not really know what we were born for, what we should be doing; when we should be doing it, and how to monitor our activities or ‘check list’ to see if we are on track.

That’s why cruise missiles are so good at blowing up targets, their flight path is known and set in software, adjusted every microsecond, right up to when they deliver the payload.


Who are you? What were you born for? Why did you change names and expect to live the life you thought you were born to live?

OPRAH has to follow a path too, however, for her its a little more complicated. Oprah was born ORPAH GAIL WINFREY, and then her identity was changed to OPRAH GAIL WINFREY. So is anything wrong with that?

Yes. Oprah’s birth name had a “harmony, sound, meaning” that her mother had selected for her. When you change the ‘sound’ of a person’s name, it doesn’t fit the same anymore, like a favorite pullover that’s shrunk in the wash.

You may think that changing the letters around isn’t so bad; Orpah to Oprah, but people wouldn’t feel the same going to church to prey to Dog either – same letters, different meaning altogether.

Or’pah to O’prah even changes the consonant position, and emphasis, of how the name is pronounced. This is where Numerology is able to define the differences and dictate the impact it has on people’s lives.

So ‘Oprah Winfrey’ like chords in music can be out of tune and this is what the problem is with Oprah, her name is out of tune with her life and this is the contributing factor that’s been plaguing Oprah’s life for years?

People’s lives get out of tune and there are several factors attributable to this; wrong name, conditioning, adoption, medical handicap, ignorance and wrong environment.

It’s the “WRONG NAME”, I focus on because every other condition expressed above has been explored and there is not one single course of action to correct an ineffective life, as there is in knowing what a name can do to to stuff up a person’s life if it doesn’t fit their physical instrument; i.e. their body.

Oprah is not truly understood, she is too deep with her thoughts and feelings. Only those seriously close to her understand the depth of her inner nature. She gets great pleasure in helping others improve their lives, and because this requires substantial energy, she needs time out to recharge… alone! There is not enough of her.

How can Oprah get over this invisible hurdle? Easy!

All people given the wrong name at birth, or who have had their name changed later, have problems. There is no instruction manual that came with us, so reading the instructions when things are going wrong, is not going to work.

Oprah has to understand what her original name was destined to be, and what her present name is causing her to feel. This is like wearing a dress 4 sizes too small. Once this is understood, her ability to manage her life, will be as different as walking in the light, after walking in the dark.

Oprah’s reoccurring weight challenges are not diet induced, they’re a subconscious battle, something like shell shock. The uncontrollable effect when one is subjected to continued abuse of any sort outside of their ability to handle it.

Some people have no idea WHO they are. They need THEIR BOOK of instructions before they can move forward confidently and achieve success and happiness in what ever field they choose.

“Fifteen years ago, I wrote in my journal that one day I would create a television network, as I always felt my show was just the beginning of what the future could hold. For me, the launch of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Network’ is the evolution of the work I’ve been doing on television all these years and a natural extension of my show.”


I am sure Oprah deeply seeks love and a new purpose, if Oprah doesn’t get what she’s looking for within two years, she may fall prey to some of the most serious challenges she may ever encounter from about July/August of 2011.

Think of life like a slide rule. Wherever you are, you’re somewhere between the beginning and the end. To your left you have a past, your right, a future. Soon, the future will be your past, and the past is documented and unchanging.

If we can plot the past, using advanced Numerology, the future has a plot-able track too. This is what I’ve spent 28 years studying. The Future is nothing but History about to be scribed and all one needs to do is learn the math of this old knowledge, and see where their life is going.

Oprah Winfrey, you have two lives, two destinies, two names, competing to control your future. These diverse conflicts are forever going to fight each other till you understand their differences.

Learn the path you were meant to take, understand the implications of the ‘stage’ name you have, and how it affects your true path, then you can take full control of your Destiny without the emotional upheavals you have been experiencing.

Oprah, your birth name is your sea bearing vessel, your other name is the wind. The knowledge of how to handle your boat in changing winds can be put to good use when you learn how to trim the sails to get the best of both worlds and remain true to your destiny, or ask me to do it for you.

Many people have asked if I was ever going to the United States. If there is an interest and you’d like to see me talk on my favorite subject, you, drop me a line; admin@petervaughan.net

Warm regards
Peter Vaughan

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