Sir Richard Branson – Another Prediction Comes to Pass

Here are excerpts of that story and it can be seen in my archives by typing Richard Branson in the search engine tab above. If you’re interested, look into the 7 year old story I wrote about Steve Fossett (Branson’s former friend) by typing his name into the search engine also.

Why do I write this?

Life is not random. The future is predictable and it can be mapped for outcomes before any set point unfolds ahead of any present time. Knowing this, future disasters can be avoided.

The late CEO Eric Hertz, was not interested. His wife Kathy was, but when a man as driven for success as Eric was, takes no heed even to look at something as serious as his own demise, is a fool to himself and irresponsible to his late wife and children and his Company he left behind in New Zealand.

An interesting aftertaste followed his demise. There were 26 guests at the American Thanksgiving where I met Eric. Most heard the open discussion I was advocating about the future of Two Degrees Mobile, about him and his wife.

Eric was first to leave the function but the discussion continued. Two emails I wrote to Eric were not answered. On the 30th March 2013 (as prescribed) Eric and Kathy en route to see their children down country, were killed.


Once more from 3rd April 2013…

“Even for Sir Richard Branson; there is a set of changing conditions on his horizon and I would advise he be aware of the changing conditions during September through November in 2014.”

I have opened the Profile Software on both Sir Richard and on his Company Virgin Galactic. Both Reports indicate clearly a Major Fault crosses their two Profiles simultaneously in late October and Early November 2014.

The Company Progress Indicators show matters arising in September, intensifying in October and crossing live wires so to speak as October folded into November. My software identifies this as a Red Flag Alert.

Sir Richard’s Progress Indicators show September as a Red Letter day; October an unexpected event was due, and directly as the month crossed over into November, SHOCK!

My heart goes out to the lost and injured pilots. Their families will pay the price more than any shareholder can lose. Life is life, but death is forever.

The future is but one side of the coin; the past is its equal, and one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, as technology and progress continue, the telephone, television, radio and even flying will have the future to look forward to and man will continue to stretch his dreams into brave new worlds.

Why then is it so difficult to conceive the theory when someone says “we have proven we can see the next chapter before the scene arrives?”


Life is all about VIBRATION and FREQUENCIES; ask any pilot, radio ham, telecommunications specialist or brain surgeon. Simply put, it is possible to write the frequency program of any person or group of people and calculate when frequencies could clash or remain in harmony. This is what I have discovered after 34 years of testing and continued study.

So, Sir Richard, if you or anyone else wants some help, I am sure you can find me without any difficulty. My details are on the site.

Peter Vaughan
Data Logistics Limited

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