Sir Richard Branson’s Accident was identifiable ahead of time.

It matters not who you are, but it does matter where you are, ‘when’ you are and what you are doing.

Life does not prefer one over another, it simply provides the rules of engagement with everything you do. Gravity, speed and not paying attention are but some of the pointers we should all be aware of before we do anything that involves increasing our body from being stationary to moving at speed as with Sir Richard on his push bike.

The discovery of how time can be scaled and measured in all three states – past, present and future, has opened the doors for others to view and make observations or judgement calls on what they do at particular times to avoid potential accidents, or to exert extra effort to capture opportunity that may lay before them. But in the case of Sir Richard Branson, it would have been less painful, even potentially critical for him had he known of what was about to unfold for him, and what in fact did – he had a nasty accident on a bike he was training on, for an up-and-coming race in September this year (2016).

What were the clues that identified his now historical accident? The same ones that seem to always identify when people are at a serious point in time in their life and they would be very wise to consider what they are about to do and risk evaluate the situation ahead. Hindsight is always the discussion after an accident or calamity of some sort, but as with everything in Nature, there is always a polar opposite and so Hindsight has a sister, Foresight.

The interesting thing about foresight, it involves thinking and not many people do, according to Napoleon Hill (author of the famous book “Think and Grow Rich”). Many begin to ‘think’ after an accident or a negative outcome or event, but the lesson is always new to those that do not keep up the Thinking Process for the game ahead. When we stop thinking about the future and just go with the flow, we allow or give permission for others to take control and provide their thinking for us. Stupid idea really because then we allow others to dictate our fate.

Back to Sir Richard. He could not have prevented his accident unless he had the tools that allow him to see the road ahead. Well, these tools have been around for a short time relatively speaking, but very few know of them. However, they are available and Sir Richard Branson could use them in his life that’s for sure, but then, so could you.

Invention is the follow through of problems we encounter throughout life and the invention of seeing a ‘potential’ problem or accident has been created. It goes without saying that we think with our brain. It is also known that we think in pictures and assign words to describe the images stored in our memory. So language plays an important part of our life and without it we could not have advanced as we have done. But the discovery of how the brain, our language, and time, are all interrelated is a major step forward in Man’s progress into the future.

Like stepping stones and land mines, it depends on what choices you make in life that will assist you moving ahead or blowing yourself to kingdom come. The discovery of plotting the future path of every individual has come of age. Sir Richard Branson, on Monday the 22nd of August 2016, was in a position to experience a significant event. He had “Indicators” that highlighted his bike accident on his personal profile ‘time-scale’ just as he did when his Virgin Galactic space craft crashed in November 2014, and his house on Necker Island burned down in August 2011. ALL THESE INCIDENTS ARE MARKED on his personal Profile Time Scale.

Ahead… other difficulties (likely not publicized) are due for him in the months of August, September and October next year (2017) and a very BIG indicator foretells of significant changes to his life in 2020 and it may well have to do with his health. Anyway, let’s see what unfolds.

Peter Vaughan

Plotting the future with Lettrology – the tool that scales time.


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    John Eifion Evans


    Im interested in knowing more about your work



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    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Hi John. You likely don’t know, but “John” is the most successful businessman’s name in the western world and this is not because it is the most popular, James is (ref business). However, you name does indicate you are both a hand’s-on type, have a technical field of work ability in the services industry (based on the name you provided) and you have a soft way about you and appreciate loyalty.
      Just as a freebie for you and others, go to < > and have a play with the smart ph app or try it on a computer. There is no, it is just

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