Suicide always leaves Tell Tale Evidence behind

Love em or not, too many people take their life when they feel conditions are too hard to handle any more.

One of the most common factors with people who Suicide is visible once you know what to look for, “then pay attention”!

People say “it won’t happen to me, it always happens to someone else” but most people know someone who has done the deed or attempted it.

And we believe we have found the clues, the factors that reveal Suicide is a detectable probability.

But evidence reveals, Suicide conditions are like a storm, it will pass, change is inevitable. But people need an ‘EYE in the SKY’ to see the storm coming and then know how to shelter from it’s devastating effects.

Suicide is a Cancer, a disease, it has symptoms not always physical but 100% emotional. One factor has risen to the top of the pile of evidence of Suicide victims, and ‘it’ won’t be found in existing research work.

THOMAS EDISON did Ten Thousand experiments trying to get a light bulb to work and said “he discovered 10,000 ways it wouldn’t, but one that did”. Now the World benefits from his belief and persistence.

Suicide leaves a footprint; and only when you know what to look for, will you see it.

Tools are developed to help us see through things we could not see before, and Suicide is an emotional syringe full of poison, and all that is needed is the tool to see it developing and know when, and how to treat it.

Prescribed pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer!

“$1,200,000,000 ($1.2 Billion) has been spent over 36 years trying to find the cause, and when a person is likely to commit the crime of Suicide. We’ve found nothing!” Dr Roger Mulder, Professor and Head of Psychiatry Department at Otago University, September 10 2013.

Yet, like Edison, does this mean it cannot be discovered how to find the answers that thousands of researchers are looking for? Of course not, it just means to try another way of approaching it. And there is.

When the question was put to Professor Mulder about the “Emotional Blueprint every Suicide victim has”, he seemed baffled and wandered off subject (???).

“If their way does not work, and they admit it publicly, why not try mine?”

Any interested party, even an enthusiastic investor, may wish to help get this message of victory to the World which is waiting for this discovery.

30 years of research backed by gathered empirical data brings me to the belief that my findings do in fact illuminate the preceding pattern a victim of Suicide experiences, BUT once the act has unfolded, EVIDENCE proves the fact.

People worldwide are screaming for the answers I have found, the choice to act and change the future for the Victim and families of those that commit suicide is here.

Two degrees of separation is often all it takes. If you know someone who may be interested in this research and findings, make contact to;

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