Testimonials to Peter for his accuracy and diagnostic ability.

Peter, Once again you have woven your magic of science. I called you about the PLS stock.You accurately predicted that the stock was going to take a big fall soon. Within 4 minutes of our conversation I began to sell all of my stock at 42 cents/share. Soon after it was selling for 8 cents/share then it disappeared, amazing! You’ve proven to be 100% correct for me on other matters of guidance you have given me in business.

 – Wayne Barnes

When i first met Peter Vaughan all I wanted was his photo on my wall of fame, I mean after all he is the TV2 Profiler.. I didnt really know what he did or how he did it, all I knew was he was on TV2 … I went to his ‘Stall Site’ which was sourounded by a crowd 6 deep, all waiting to see him. For 3 hours I waited and I tell you what, I’d never wait for any man that long….. When I finally got to see him he started to profile me in front of everyone, I was so ecited I didnt hear all he said and after he stoped rambling I said can I have your photo… finally after I famously got his photo we spent a bit of time together and realised everything that he had said about me and my numbers was really scarry and true …how can you read a persons personality and traits in numbers??? Well he did, from when I first started business, to when my marriage was over, to my new ventures… I’m pretty switched on and have made a success in business but always, a second opinion should never be shunned. I find it fascinating when I contact him and he confirms or denies my thoughts …. thank you peter.

 – Sophie Chin (Sophies Restaraunts, Christchurch)


Hi Peter,

Thank you so so much for yesterday!  It was so interesting and enjoyable.  I could have talked to you all day!  Yes please pencil me in for training, that is definitely something I want to do. I will definitely keep in touch.

Thank you so so much again,

Carol Robinson – Pharmacy Technician – Pharmacy Aseptic Production Unit, Auckland City Hospital


Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your insight, I appreciate the time you have taken to send this to me. I am really taken by your words and can really relate to everything that you have said. Thank you again and may you have a wonderful weekend : )

Warmest Wishes,

Mary Morrissey LifeSOULutions That Work USA



Thanks so much for the Pre-insight report, it really blew me away. You mentioned changes in my life when I was 47. In 2008, I became disabled, had an unsuccessful spinal fusion and have been bedridden pretty much since then and now I can no longer work, nor drive, and I only leave the house for tests and doctor’s appointments.  So I wanted to see what the future has in store for me and how I could best utilize my skills under the current conditions which at this point seem out of my control. Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Greg Zangari



I want to let you I greatly appreciated your efforts.

In your document you made a comment:
Occasionally I see something and feel you should know about and in your case Steven, the year has brought some very unexpected matters to a point where you have to deal with them, and it may not be very easy.
It appears you have had to make a fairly important decision but the way is now opening (as of this month) for you to begin to move on in a new direction. But, I would suggest what you’re heading into will be more in your favor and will benefit you as long as you are a prudent thinker.

I wanted to give you some feedback and say I agree with what you have written, it relates to a number of goings on in my life at present. Yes, I have had to make some big decisions and I have come to some important realizations in my life over the past month in regards to my job, relationship, and location. I’ve had to deal with the ending of a personal relationship and unexpected issues have arisen with work – which I have dealt with- but, which has brought the realization of the important necessity to move on from my present state of employ and present occupation (as a flight instructor) and to look to expand my career in a new direction at the first practical opportunity rather than wait for a preferred opportunity that becomes available, and that this would require relocating; but that in the long run, all of the changes would be beneficial for my continued growth, development. So, I find it both interesting and heartening to have my thoughts being confirmed, by someone else that I have never met before and who is located in another hemisphere on almost the opposite side of the world; it’s as if you are channeling my own thoughts back to me. Thanks!

Regards, Steven W USA


Re John Travolta’s new child prediction two years in advance

From: Jan J: Friday, 21 May 2010 6:52 p.m.
Subject: John Travolta

You are one clever guy Peter, predicting John and Kelly’s new baby 2 years in advance. You have helped me for years buying and selling houses right on time – simply unbelievable!!



Hi Peter,

WOW! Thank you so much for such a fascinating weekend workshop. You’re ‘Number One’. I thought I knew a bit about this subject but found I knew next to nothing – there is so much to learn and so many levels to explore that I can quite understand why you have been 30 years collecting data and obviously expanding the subject much further than many before you. I not only learnt about what I thought Numerology was, but also what it isn’t, and so much was uncovered about myself!

I am looking forward to the next workshop to expand my knowledge so I too, can help others to see things in themselves that they never knew where there. An awesome prospect!

I applaud your vision of passing your knowledge on to others as this will create a flow that will flow outwards and then back to you with increased power; i.e. 1 to the power of one (Peter on his own), 2 to the power of 4, 4 to the power of 16 and so on! The power of “the science behind numbers and frequencies” in more ways than one….

Thank you both for your warm and wonderful hospitality. You made me feel very welcome and special.

My very best wishes to you, T McCabe NZ


Dear Peter, firstly good evening.

Many many thanks for sharing your time with us yesterday. We were stunned at your stage performance at the Rose Theatre. More importantly you shared your knowledge and aided Linda and I to reestablish our drive, motivation and focus. Now we are committed anew upon our journey of success and I thank you for revitalizing us, as though I thought I was a positive motivated person I see that I had allowed my inner doubts to rise up and as you said send off lousy vibrations. Enough, of that, you have given us a new beginning a new focus and I certainly look forward to participating in your course when you start it next year.


Best regards in friendship Richard and Linda NZ


Hi Peter, I was at the Sophie’s Place show last night and would like to thank you so much for a wonderful, informative and entertaining evening, and of course highly accurate, it was extra special for me as it was my birthday that night 🙂 You have some wonderful talents thank you for sharing. I have just signed up for a profile report and would like to come and see you when you are in Christchurch again.

Luana Christchurch NZ


Hi Peter, Wow that was fascinating at the weekend and Sophie’s. My brain went into overdrive with the possibilities.. I am the singer if you recall. I was adopted and use ‘Jo’ now… Anyway you mentioned that you would be able to do a profile for next year, yehaaa, yes please! Also, when I asked about the meanings of each letter in my name and you told us how each letter comes from the hieroglyphs, and why the letter ‘A’ (the ox and the plough analogy), and the different ways you can look at things in life, I was so impressed – never heard anything like it. I am so looking forward to receiving my Profile. I read in your book re the 9 year cycle and I thought, wow, everything is affected by everything. Very cool re the Bible references – very powerful stuff. Thank you so much.

Joeline Christchurch NZ


Hello Peter, for some time now I have been thinking about trying to contact you and having you redo my profile, you did it back 13years ago, I used to work for Coast to Coast television in NZ, I was the floor manager of the market place show you were on.  I would love a full profile done again, person to person would be great, but i’m guessing you are not in NZ now?  Were you in Fiji just this week? I was sure I saw you on my flight,… and now you are having a show in christchurch, any chance you are coming through Hamilton? Would be great if you were going to be coming this way. Kind Regards
Lisa Hamilton NZ


Hi Peter I met with you in Warkworth in October 2007, and i had a profile report from you for October 2007 through to the end of 2008. This was so amazing with the changes and occurrences you predicted and that actually happened in that year, I’d love a follow up. Is this possible? very keen to hear from you.

Regards Elva, Warkworth NZ