The Hourglass runs out for Princess Leia

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…

Carrie Frances Fisher 21 October 1956 – 27 Dec 2016.

Carrie has pushed forward the warp drive lever and returned to the Stars, at a pre-appointed departure time.

We lost many celebrities and entertainers in 2016, and Princes Leia is our most recent to date.  On 23rd December, just 63 days after her 60th Birth Day, Carrie experienced a massive cardiac episode whilst on board a flight from London to Los Angeles.  It was reported Ms Fisher had stopped breathing for 10 minutes and was unresponsive, but paramedics who took control of the Star ‘found a pulse’ after aggressive work was performed on her at the airport.

When I heard the news, I looked up the Profile of Carrie Fisher, and as expected, it was like looking at the Richter Scale of a major earthquake. I saw no hope for her as the graphs indicated a ‘flatliner’ had begun.

Several people asked me if she was going to be alright, but the view I have of her situation was final, similar to that of Michael Schumacher’s wife’s profile as it unfolded the ‘moment in time’ when Michael hit his head on a rock during a ski field holiday.

Critical life patterns form on people’s profiles at times when major events occur, and years of gathered empirical data provides me with ever more evidence – the Profiles always model the same patterns.

Today, 27th December local US time (28th December NZ Pacific Time), the news came over the airwaves “Carrie Fisher had died” just as I had expected to hear, based on my projections.

Ironic too, as it was only yesterday that I chose to see the latest Star Wars film “Rogue One” and wondered at the time if I was looking at a ghost of Carrie when the CGI model of her film character “princess Leia” was brought into scene near the end of the film. And now, Carrie has truly left the planet for the last time.

More and more people are becoming interested in the work I do. Training workshops are being prepared as I write for all those who wish to learn to take up this amazing science for themselves, family and friends, even work colleagues.

But for the moment, you can go to and have a little fun with a name analyser I have for you to play with and it can be viewed  on your cell phone, ipads etc.

Finally, 2017 is not going to go by without making a statement of its own!

The years 2017/2018 are to bring many BIG events to the fore and very well known person’s and Companies are about to face significant episodes that are due, and timely. However, please note, nothing is set in concrete and difficulties can be overcome and side tracked if the right strategies are put in place ahead of time, and I can help there as evidence has shown.

I can be contacted if you’d like to know more about my work, however after 36 years I am able to provide factors showing the future is not so secret anymore; after all…

It’s all about Predicting History and hindsight is but a reflection of foresight and one cannot exist without the other.

Farewell Carrie Fisher and Richard Parfitt, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Prince, Abe Vigoda, George Gaynes, , George Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Patty Duke, Doris Roberts, William Schallert, Alan Young, Mohamed Ali, Arnold Palmer, Robert Vaughn, Florence Henderson, Bernard Fox, Zsa Zsa Gabor… and others like Fidel Castro. 2016 has made an impact as I mentioned in my writings and seminars over the past few years, but please heed my notes above re 2017/18.

PS, a major event is due a respected FOX News host in 12-18 months time, just saying “his time is close”…


Peter Vaughan; still Predicting History.





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