The Nightmare of 2020

“Wake up from the coma”

Does July 2020 bring forth another bombshell? According to my methodology it looks to be ‘on the cards’ to coin a phrase.

The eve of 2020 was filled with celebrations all round the Globe. “Goodbye 2019 – good riddance”, but Orwell’s 1984 was what the dawn would bring.

Strangely enough 1+9+8+4 sums to 22, which further reduced, sums to ‘4’, and 2020 sums to 4. The last time we had a Year where the numbers were repeated was the year 1010 – exactly one thousand and ten years ago.

1984 and 2020 how ironic. But the question is why has this happened and WHO Instigated it? Is it possible a clue of how this has happened is in the preceding sentence?

Last year I was asked what this year would bring, and I said “Double Death”. I then published a story about the up-and-coming events of 2020 as I saw them using my Predictive skills on October 20 2019. The events I wrote about have come to pass, but there is more to come beyond the writing of this publication.

Watch the video of how I read the future and am starting to teach others how to do the same – click this link:

Warning – JULY 2020

As the relevance of these ‘number codes’ seem to come from sets that are summed and result in the number ‘4’, I am suggesting that July, being the 7th month, and the Universal date 2020, then 2020+7=47 and 4+7 = 11 or ‘2’. The number 11 is directly related to the word ‘Death’ as can be seen in the video links on this page.

But why have we not done this before?

In the field of Lettrology where numbers and letters are combined to form another language, it also creates a bridge over Time. This enables us to finally look through the time barrier into the future. We can now view the Past, Present and Future as we desire, the future is viewable.

Another amazing aspect of this discovery, which is why I invented the word “Lettrology” to give this science a name, it enables anyone to see how human personalities are formed and why people act the way they do at any prescribed time from birth to their end of days.

Do you think this is strange? Join the club, I thought it was overly strange. How could any person be profiled to reveal their life with an accuracy that only their mother would know? Well, we can now.

Back to 2020

Are we able to understand and manage, and potentially take control of this Global Disaster? Yes we can but people will have to see for themselves that their lives are visible to anyone (not their thoughts) who has learned this science called Lettrology, and anyone with an inclination can learn it.

Easier still, anyone can gain a Profile Report on themselves or any other person at will, without any invasion of privacy –

This is why I was able to predict the Presidency of Donald Trump and how he would win the election, 12 months out from the US elections. I published that prediction in 2015, then did a video to say exactly how it would unfold right to the last minute when Hilary Clinton (who was leading) would swap positions with Donald Trump, and they did. I actually presented that exact outcome in July 2016, four months out from the election. How could I know? Well, know you know how I did it.

Now, if you want to know what is happening in your life, or the lives of your family, friends, even associates and colleagues, especially for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, but especially in July (next month from the date of this publication) you can get your own 19 or 20 page report at this link which includes:

  • Your Profile
  • Your Characteristics
  • Describes what you’re feeling like this year
  • How others see you
  • A forecast beginning January this year to the present (so you can see what it says about your recent past), then forecasts a further 12 months ahead. Go to –

2020 is the beginning of the end

<<< That is, unless we do something about it, unite, and stop it >>>

Learn about the main players in this entanglement:

  • William Henry Gates October – 29 1955
  • Hillary Diane Rodham (Clinton) – October 26 1947
  • Anthony David Weiner – September 4 1964
  • Anthony Stephen Fauci – December 24 1940
  • Xi Jinping – June 15 1953
  • Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern – July 26 1980
  • Clark Timothy Gayford – October 24 1977
  • Winston Raymond Peters – April 11 1945
  • George Walker Bush – July 6 1946
  • Donald John Trump – June 14 1946
  • Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) August 4 1961
  • James Brien Comey – December 14 1960
  • Joseph Robinette Biden – November 20 1942
  • Jeffrey Edward Epstein January 20 1953

New Zealand

  • The war room is alive with activity – the Prime Minister has a new underground bunker
  • 5 G Cell towers are quickly erected near schools
  • World health Organisation alert – “The worst is yet to come!”
  • The economy is collapsing
  • Businesses owners close shop forever
  • Unemployment exponentially rising
  • Police given powers to enter your home without warrants
  • Guns taken from Law Abiding Citizens
  • Abortion Laws radically changed – frightening and Heinous

Covid 2019 – a False Flag

This so-called Pandemic is fast being seen as a false flag, a conspiracy where blame for the world crises can be targeted on a virus that has way less impact than the seasonal flu (this is why children don’t get affected – they’re not old yet). Hospitals are empty and not overflowing with pandemic victims (as the media is controlled and told to print and broadcast lies), “listen only to Government broadcasts they say…” propaganda. Borders are closed, Stay inside so you can’t see what we are doing, Martial Law has been imposed via the health sector and soon – YOU WILL OBEY OR ELSE !

What the hell is going on?

Ask Jacinda Ardern

A glimmer of hope perhaps

World media outside of MSM (main stream media) has come alive with real doctors, scientists and whole health experts. These people in the thousands have been silenced by the MSM, Twitter, Facebook, Google, You Tube… and they are controlled by the money magnates, suppressing everything and anyone that engages in the freedom of speech.

New social platforms have sprouted, Brighteon, Bitchute and more where people are free to put up videos, articles, pictures and podcasts and the information is flowing much to the dislike of the media bullies.  The more people that look at these sites, the greater are our chances of being informed and understanding the death game we have been sucked into so ‘they’ can load life altering serum into the fearful and compliant with poisonous injections.

There is so much more that will come from this as the world is not fully asleep or under the spell of the eugenics group who are looking to execute most of the people on the planet. Harsh words, but time will tell and reveal that what is said here has foundation.

Take care and see you on line.

Contact: for registration details and information


Peter Vaughan

Founder of Lettrology

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    Peter Brooks

    My Grandmother had the uncanny ability to accurately read past and future in detail, so I know from experience it can be done, including by numerology—although numbers were not her method.
    Your web presence suggests you have made the numbers/letters ability ‘scientific.’ However, I have twice purchased your ‘annual profile,’ and although I realized—just because of the price—that it would be computer-generated rather than genuinely personalized, I was still very disappointed both times. If you do have predictive ability, then I suggest you don’t discredit yourself by selling banal fluff from what appears to be a run-of-the-mill astrological computer program.

    3 Aug, 2020 at 1:57 pm - Reply
    • Peter Vaughan
      Peter Vaughan

      Peter, thanks for your comment and I can see that you are a perfectionist. from your chart, however I do not do Astrology and I do not have any package purchased and make false claims it is not my work, when it is all my work. After 40 years of researching and getting down to the nitty gritty of what makes people think, and then when people want my help or advice, and only go through a program I have made to help people as best I can, the only way I can serve many is to make thousands of text files based around Name and Birth data provided by my clients and give them (in an “I want it right now”, world). I respect your comment but respond with I do not have a fake site. People are complex, even identical twins are very different, so unless people are prepared to pay for my time – which would take more than a day to respond by hand written notes, the cost would be unreasonable. So, I take offence when you make a comment about my supplying “Banal Fluff” which is based on there being no evidence of my work being as you have expressed. Sorry you are having a bad year but I appreciate we are all having a bad year. Peter Vaughan

      4 Aug, 2020 at 12:00 pm - Reply
      • Avatar
        Peter Brooks

        First, Peter, I am impressed that you responded, and even more impressed that you left the negative criticism up. However, as you say yourself, for the price you charge, it would be impossible to give personal profiles, and I never expected one. Also, I did not, and am not, accusing you of intentional ‘fakery,’ or even of actually using a purchased Astrological programme—although I understand how you may feel that was implied.
        My point, though, remains that, for me at least, there was no sense of a difference when I read my Profiles. The first of the two Profiles you did for me was a few years ago. The two were not in consecutive years. Neither of them resonated with me. Nevertheless, I trust that you do have the skill and the talent you developed. I just don’t think you do yourself and your skill any favours with computerisation—at least not yet.
        Thanks for sympathising with me for having a bad year, but in fact, my year so far is a good one. I have had terrible years in the long past, but have not had a bad one for many years. I hope the rest of your year is good, despite the ever-present Government induced stress world-wide.
        I will likely ask you to have another go for me for next year. It could be a bad year for me because I expect to release a book by then which—especially if it gets any traction, or even if it does not—may get me Assange’d by the British. Truth often costs but must be out. Maybe your insights can help.
        I shall leave you in peace now, and will not comment again unless invited.

        7 Aug, 2020 at 2:17 pm - Reply
        • Peter Vaughan
          Peter Vaughan

          Peter, I appreciated your up front and honest response. I can see that in your characteristics and a positive mind goes a long way in anyone’s life.

          I would enjoy your making comment, and invite you if you wish to make it directly if you are so inclined as I know from your Profile you have a 5 year span of concurrent events within your ‘personality trend’ and only variations in your time line. I would like to learn more of your work and invite you, if you so desire to send me comments directly, / and just to let you know ahead of the pack, I have been selected to run as a candidate for the Upper Harbour electorate for the co-parties Advance new Zealand and New Zealand Public Party. Lots of work ahead. Cheers Peter

          7 Aug, 2020 at 3:23 pm - Reply

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