The Stock Exchange Rules of Engagement

The Stock and Forex Exchange are Governed by

Your Brain’s Emotional Centre!

 Warren Buffett, is the King of the Stock Market. Why?

Discover his secret, then apply the strategy with your own Emotional Blueprint.

The edge you’re looking for is found when you know what makes Buffett tick. Learn it.


The Warren Buffett Secret


Warren Buffett is the greatest trader in America and has a quality other traders would love to know how he does it. He was born with it!

This does not mean you cannot have Buffett’s Midas Touch, you can’t do just as well once you understand What to buy, What not to buy – When to Sell – When to hold. These simple guide rules will change your life.

Psychologically, using your own money for trading is radically different than paper trading because people FEAR losing money and that’s the key ingredient! To overcome any fear, is relatively easy, learn about what you fear and why, and the fear melts away and you can move forward with confidence as the barriers have gone.

Warren Buffett’s unconscious secret:

Trading is gambling, pure and simple, and there is a 50/50 risk of getting it wrong. So why do MOST gamblers lose? The answer lies in the same principle that Power Companies use as they rely on customers only using 60% of total demand and they do not have to increase their infrastructure and generator size. Insurance Companies and Casino’s also use the same principle. They work on the fact that more people pay in than what they pay out, otherwise their business would not work and they’d be out of business overnight. If you want to win at the Casino, own it.

“When preparation meets opportunity Luck happens.”

There is an area of your brain that controls your emotions. It’s tucked away in the area of your brain called the Hippocampus. This area houses your emotional drivers during the primary formation of your brain (from three months after conception), and provides your survival instinct and protects you from personal loss. It controls your Fear, the Fight or Flight mechanism of survival. This is well documented as when people get a break down of this part of their brain and it is removed due to disease, the recovering patient becomes fully able and normal except for the fact they lose the quality of fear.

Buffett is very successful because of his emotional make-up and his particular brain formation which is in harmony with his love of trading.

So, how does Buffett do as he does? He has fear like anyone else, so what is his point of difference, his edge that makes him a great trader?

Buffett is physically and psychologically engineered for his line of work. He is no different than that of any person who enjoys a particular sport over another, a preference to certain music, one partner over another or a career in a field different from one that does not please them. In my studies of thousands of people using Human Diagnostics, I wanted to know what qualities made people more open to financial success over others and after a great deal of empirical data had been gathered the answer presented itself.

Nature’s Laws govern the principles of things like gravity, and how like attracts like, the vibration of atoms etc. and these Laws are set in concrete and cannot be messed with without there being a price to pay if you do. That’s the reason when traders attempt to beat the odds in ignorance of these Laws, they lose. They do not understand and therefore cannot win when Fear steps in. Buffett does not work on fear, he is an analyst and listens to his instincts and intuition more than most. He is just being smart.

You might ask if I trade or gamble the markets? No. But I do provide support and advice from my discoveries and expertise to others along the way as part of the work I do. I discovered the rule of thumb that makes sure people come to understand where they are going wrong. I don’t trade as I feel it would be a conflict of interest, no different than a good barman does not drink when serving his clients. I enjoy watching my prescribed projections come to pass. The Markets are manipulated by the big players and most everyone knows this. But the one thing that would bring them to their knees is to understand the power tied up in Mass Assessment of Emotional Tides in people and knowing when they are to experience an emotional low.

People don’t intend to become emotionally distressed, it is triggered from something outside themselves, something not in their control. This is where an emotional low comes into play. This is what I noticed, and what I have spent many years researching. By plotting the elements and emotional tides as they ebb and flow in the chemistry of people’s brains, I can tell if a person, or even a Company (yes a Company), that is experiencing, or about to experience an emotional tide change, because everything man creates with his mind, flows into what he creates, therefore people and the Companies on the stock floor have emotional tides too. I plot these tides.

Here is an example.

An American fellow was having a discussion with me by telephone and during the conversation he mentioned he had just bought some shares in a Company he called, “Plus something”, these were his words. I asked if he meant Plus MS Holdings and he said yes. I said get out, get out now! He did follow my advice and it took him three days to complete the sale of his stock. Once sold, the price of the stock rose for a few days, then plummeted through the floor and ceased trading. He invested $48,000 and only lost $8,000 over the two weeks he had the stock. Unfortunately, another client I had did not listen to the advice and lost $320,000 to the same stock.

Another example.

A client of mine in another unrelated business to trading, was telling me they had shares in a mine. The moment they told me (on a Friday night), I said to get out of the mine ASAP. Too late. an explosion in the mine killed miners and brought the operation to a halt. The trading was suspended pending investigations and then the mine was closed. 29 miners were lost to their fate and the investors lost too. My system identified the operation and saw the market falling over, for some reason or another. I did not know it would be a lethal explosion but Pike River Mine is no more.

Psychological Chemistry

In chemistry, some things go together, and some things don’t. The same ‘chemistry’ that rules relationships applies. If for example you and your significant other are a psychological mismatch, irrespective of their good looks and seemingly wonderful nature, their inner chemistry may be different and you are masked by your rose coloured glasses of lust and wishful desires. Many of us understand this completely, and if the chemistry of one person does not match that of the other, this can bring emotional disaster to the fore, sometimes a quick ending, mostly it’s over months or years till a split takes place, or the stock goes in the oposite direction of your trading hopes.

In trading, once the dirty happens, you’ve lost!

Chemicals have labels. People are a concoction of physical and chemical components. Emotions are one of the crew in the mix. These elements that make people what they are can be identified, labeled and monitored.

The major chemical components in Warren Buffett’s grey matter are a mix of element no. 7, no. 6 and no. 2. He buys Companies that have elements of 2, 6, and 7.

Does he know this is the reason for his success? No. It is his natural way of doing things, it just feels right, it just ‘fits’ for him.

The Answer you’ve been looking for

I don’t expect you to start all over again learning a new system. There are too many of them and they all sell their slant whether it be learning candles plotting, the Gann system, or scalping pips and selling shorts. There is another way and you are invited to look at it, question it, and ‘see’ the Buffett Secret, and it is a secret. Even he does not understand what he has or he would make more money selling his knowledge “How I Do It” to the world.


The only way to win at the Casino is to own it!

Don’t waste time looking for the easy path to success outside of yourself. Discover your own Casino and start betting on yourself to win.

Peter Vaughan discovered the individual’s road to Success. No two people are the same, hence no common training works for everybody no matter what people say they can do for you. The rich sell seminars of “How to be become financially successful (rich)” like them, but their training courses only work for 11% of the audience, and for each attendee, it is the Emotional Blueprint they have that helps or hinders their trading confidence. If you don’t have the primary harmonic the naturally rich have, you can use your own Natural Harmonics to make the grade. Not their way because they are teaching you how they did it, not how you have to do it!

Who you are, and how you can Control Your Future to start doing the things that make for your Happiness, Love, Health, Career, and Money is what my work is all about. How you decide to enjoy it is up to you.

Welcome to my website and training systems.

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