The Sun flipped poles as 2014 arrived. This will affect you this year!

The sun’s magnetic poles just flipped days ago, as it has done for billions of years, and like the iron filings in a school science experiment, when you turn a magnet round under a sheet of paper with iron filings on top, the filings flip and change direction instantly.

Reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is a big event. The sun’s magnetic influence extends billions of kilometres beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity, ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space. This is big and will affect you.

You and I are products of the Sun, and everything you eat, wear, live in and use, are all product of the Sun. It’s time you learned to work with the Sun’s energy instead of getting sunburnt in ignorance.

When the biggest magnet in our solar system turns upside down, you’re affected whether you like it or not.

So how can you learn to use this cosmic power engine to your advantage?

Have you noticed how wave riders have real talent and control a surfboard with dolphin like agility, or skateboarders can navigate their boards and slide along handrails, and airplanes can fly around the world almost pilotless because of gyroscopes (autopilot) control systems… all these things are able to be done because of our ability to work with the Laws of Nature.

If you learned to work with the Laws governing your nature, you too would become an expert in your life and navigate the way to your future success with an ease that will amaze you. You’ll wonder why no-one has ever adopted this knowledge in school where everyone would benefit.

So here’s the deal.
2014 has weather conditions that will affect everyone. Each person will be subjected to different circumstances which are literally invisible to the naked eye until they are experienced, and then you can say; “Oh, I felt that alright!”

Here are the nine conditions for which you will fit into two of these categories this year. The information comes from hundreds of thousands of case studies undertaken over three decades, and now your future can be predicted just as we can predict the sun rise tomorrow will be different than it was today, and we can do that with pinpoint accuracy.

The Nine Conditions and Categories for you.

Remember, you will be subjected to two of these conditions this year. I will help you identify your situation specifically and give you the keys to your success this year if you want.

If you fit into this category, you will be leaving behind a year of challenges and endings last year and free from the garbage that has made you realise you need a fresh start. So, now is a time to discover your future prospects and begin a process of moving toward a new life of opportunity and experiences. This is a new field of endeavour for you, do not miss the start of your new journey, identify what it is, plan your moves, and get going.

As your life took on a new direction last year, and whether you got things of to a good start or not, now is the time to hold back, almost stop and look at what you are doing to see if things are moving as you had planned. This is a time for you to make a ‘life budget’ and this also means your finances must be checked as well. Do not overlook anything and above all else, be patient and prepare yourself for next years’ massive acceleration. Do not push yourself hard yet or you will feel the pain for doing so.

Last year may have been a little stressful and money could have been tight as well. If you were diligent during 2013, then this is a time to get up and get going. All the ideas and problems you discovered through the events and experiences of the past twelve months, have given you a new set of thoughts and the eyes to see where you are going. Get out there, get creative, enjoy the fresh air and new experiences life is providing for you now. GO! Just don’t overdo anything or go to extremes, okay?

All the fun and developments last year provided, or stress if things went awry and turned nasty for you, will have made you think that you need to knuckle down and get practical, get to work. Plan now, act on your plans. Take no nonsense, avoid any ‘shortcuts’ as these are not acceptable and will cost you in the long run. This is not a time to throw caution to the wind, and “life” will throw one or more curve balls at you this year and you will need to know if ‘it’ is an opportunity, or something to duck to avoid being hit and caught off guard. This is an opportunistic year but only for those who work at it; work being the operative word!

Last year will have asked a lot from you, but whether you gained or lost depended on you’re being aware and taking the right course of action. Now is the time to be on the move.There will be many circumstances that will offer you changes and more involvement with other people and places. During this high energy year, you will need to focus and not scatter your energy too far and wide. Enjoy the winds of change, but do not get carried away and waste your time being busy, being busy, doing a lot but getting nowhere fast. Progress is the key word this year.

What a lot of changes last year brought. Now it is time to get responsible and organise everything around you so it is all working in harmony, not just with you, but with your family, work and the community you live in. By making sure you have things all working in harmony, the reward for your efforts will be duly paid to you. If you shirk off your responsibilities and think only about your self-gain, you will allow the process of your own undoing to go into action. Life is a fair Master. Work with Her rules and you will reap what you sow. Get lax or greedy, and She’ll gladly help undo your lot, till you learn the lesson. This is a wonderful time for love, money, improvement and advancement. Aim for good and it will come over the horizon for you.

Whether last year gave you lots to do for the welfare and wellbeing of others, and the work you had to do to keep things organised or not, was in fact achieved, this year its time to slow right down and take account of everything. This year calls for self inspection in every area of your life. Look at your health, diet, fitness, what you’re doing with your brain. What do you need to learn that last year may have given you some insights on? Can you take up a course to help improve your mental strengths and give you additional support in areas that will strengthen your intellect or other skills. Remember, knowledge is power, and you need to step up to the plate this year and improve everything! Next year will be asking a lot from you…!

Some found last year to have been hard as things may not have gone as fast or favourably as they would have liked. That was the time to gather your thoughts so you can make the most of this year’s offerings. This is the time to change your lot; your financial situation, your dwelling, to buy, or build on anything, that will change or transform your material life. You may need to change your job, start a business, extend or develop your work and living conditions. Make Things Happen! Do not just sit back and start the “woe is me” syndrome. Life has no respect for a wimp! Get ambitious, get organised, get more money and DO NOT, under any circumstances, break the Law, push the legal boundaries, do anything illicit, as this is a year when the Law of Cause & Effect plays her hand in the game of life. Do it right, work smart (and) hard, and succeed.

Last year will have taught you, and brought you many experiences and changes. Now it is time to tidy up your affairs and look to make changes in your world. There are things that need to be addressed on personal and business levels. Look for things that need to be cleaned up, get rid of that which will slow you down in the foreseeable future. If something is broken, fix it and get past the problem. This is especially relevant on personal matters, as any issues that are causing you grief need to be addressed as soon as possible or all may collapse around your shoulders and your world as you knew it will change. It is wise to have used foresight and listened to you gut-feel last year about the things that were not quite right and needed to be looked at more carefully. By years end, you will realise that what is done, is done. Time to move ahead now. For some, this will have been one of the most wonderful years of their life so far, for others, shit happens. Don’t lose control. Listen, take heed and act.

This year 2014, the world is in the seventh of it’s nine year cycle. This means, there will be problems with World leaders and politics because they like to control and manipulate things to their own end.

As politicians fall into the category of those who are ‘in charge’ and will bully to get things done their way, they will be in direct conflict with the way of the Universal Laws during 2014. Literally things will be at 6’s and 7’s and this means potential chaos.

America is basically bankrupt, the World is at a financial tipping point, every man and his dog in the commercial and governmental sector is monitoring your every move, and they do not always have your best interest at heart, even if they say they do.

It is time to wake up and make leaders accountable. We need good leaders, not corrupt and careless corporate giants who pull the strings for those who are the political heads. Transparency is a must!


Your investment in a consultation with us, will be well short of what you may otherwise experience in making a potential misjudgement. Those that have used the services we offer over the years have had their lives changed for the better. We all make mistakes, the key is to learn from them, forgive others and forgive yourself. You and I are children of the Sun, and with age and time, we become Masters of our Destiny.

Call me if you need help this year.

All the best for 2014, and remember, it is a Real Year of Opportunity, so make the most of it by doing the right thing; the right thing for you.

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