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For the past 16 years I have been selecting the Presidential Candidate who will come up trumps on the final day, but will I be right this time?

On the 16th December 2015, I wrote the following on Face Book;

(Quote F.B.) Peter Vaughan 16 December 2015 ยท

One interesting thing about Trump, without looking at other Presidential Candidates, he has a good looking chart with a strong run for for the next 5 years. Look out USA you may have a Man of Change on your hands from what I can see and it may be the shake-up the US needs”.

It now seems the wheel of fate is still turning and Trump is now facing the finish line as I alluded to and it seems by all accounts he has the lead over Clinton, in line with my prediction of 7 months ago.

It’s all about ‘who’ fits better at a particular point in time. Side by side, the progressive charts of Trump and Clinton show two very similar running patterns but Trump has a clearer path all the way for the next 4 years but Clinton has a bumpy road to manage. However, this is not to say Hillary has not slotted into the groove for the Presidential role, what it does say is she is trying to manage too many irons in the fire at once and her inner self is in conflict with her husband’s name. Yes name! Hillary is at 6’s and 7’s with herself and this is completely based on the difficulties that arise between her inner ‘resonant conditioning’ and the name she took on when she married Bill. The surname Clinton causes friction with Hillary’s inner self. Is this crap? No. It is science. History records this to be so and evidence of late has shown that our personalities are formed within the first few years of our lives. Hillary Clinton’s personality is a ‘6’ and her husband’s name makes her a 7. In my work, it means Hillary has a lent to seek the easiest path to get what she wants and this includes sneakiness.

Donald has a personality type similar to some degree to that of Hillary but his is more like an uncensored megaphone. Hillary is pushy, bossy, and wants things her way, and it shows. Donald loves to hear the sound of his own voice and makes use of his very quick mind to make his feelings and thoughts heard. He sees his country in a dire situation and he looks directly at problems and openly expresses what he sees should be done to undo the crap that has made his home patch toxic. Fair enough, but he has to be particularly careful as he is potentially placing himself in someone’s sights right now (2016 – as per his chart) and he could be in a very dangerous position by those that don’t what him in power. ‘They’ don’t want to lose their commercial positions, control and gains. Hillary is just looking to be all over the place and is in a ducking and diving mode right now. She is not stable at all and her, other than transparent past’ is catching up on her fast. The latter part of this year is not working for her and this indicates to me that Trump will trump Clinton… Check mate!

This is easy for me to say, but the wheels of congress and ‘it’s’ supporting (strong arm) corporate giants will not be sitting back in a Lazy Boy armchair, they will be doing their own homework on what they have to do to protect their turf. Covert manipulation is likely to come to the fore and bring different outcomes of what might otherwise be a democratic election process. Is there corruption in the wheels of Congress, of Government? Absolutely! This is what Trump is fighting and he had better be careful, especially in late July, and in September-October according to Lettrology ~ the means to see the opposite of hindsight.

I make my predictions based completely on my discovered science I called Lettrology. And at this point in time, I can only calculate that Clinton is falling behind and cannot keep up the pace Trump has.

Oh well, it makes for interesting speculations.

Peter Vaughan

27th May 2016

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