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Introduction to Lettrology

Beyond Numerology, and, how to read a person like a book INTRODUCTION If the future can be read, why has it not been done before? It was but outlawed during the Medieval era.I learned that, no ...
2023, Get ready for the lying squads.

When you sling rocks up in the air they're gonna come back. If you're a politician throwing lies about, they'll come back like homing pigeon's and coat you with muck for all to see. So, what's happening in New Zealand?

How much heat could Ardern have stood?

Does Luxon stand a chance?

Have the Greens turned to silage?

Does Act have an Act to show?

Winston? Knock, knock, Winston, Helloooooo...?




For too long, politicians have been accepted by the people as some of the most prolific liars on the planet. Jacinda Ardern said she would never lie and stated so to the public when she contested f...


On the 24th March 2018 I wrote the original story.

Today I updated it (18 Nov 2022).

Bank ATM’s have tightened the rope on withdrawal’s by 75%, banks hold 6% cash, 25% less than 2018.

You’re about to be robbed and here’s the same story with corrections using <strike through>.

The story has worsened, but there is a way out. Knowledge is the key, Crypto is a fiction-thing.


Here is the old story with obvious corrections:

"Dollars and Cents, $'c - Ones and Zeros, - 001010001100001011110000111000110... How do you feel about ha...

Kills, Guts Joe live, on New Zealand Television

Simon Cowell is well known for shows like "Pop Idol / X-Factor / American Idol and Britain's Got Talent".

But who the hell is 'Kills & Moon'? It seems they are an infamous pair who made mockery of NZ's version of the 'wannabe' talent show.

Pictured; "Bieber and Cleopatra" look alike couple who verbally gutted Joe Irvine, live on "NZ's TV3 X-Factor" show on Sunday night Mar. 15, 2015.

Pictured; Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, and inset, Joe Irvine.


Well don't names just say it all, and if you say name's in a particular order, like; "Kills and Moon" it makes sense with what has just happened on the recent New Zealand X Factor show; Sunday 15th...

Natural Laws state only 2% SUCCEED in any field

A 2% success rate (in any field) means 98% will fail. Napoleon Hill spoke of this fact in his public engagements after he spent 25 years' personally researching what makes people rich.

Bob Proctor agreed with me when I put it to him about Hill's findings when we sat and discussed success principles in 2012 for about five hours.

I am going to be very Direct and Blunt in this posting so please forgive me because I am bloody annoyed that so many people pay through the nose for the "getting rich bullshit" as purported by Wealth Creation Speakers. People are at a loss because it didn't work for them, or 98% of others.


Vision boards, books, DVDs, work books and whatever else you have, the statistics speak for themselves: It does not work like they say!

If this is right, why haven't the Motivators told you?...

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2015 - What's in store for you this Year ?

Every year that passes leaves a memory of events unfolded. But what if we were to look back at 2015, from 2016?

It's "BACK TO THE FUTURE" as we look at 2015 as seen from 2016. How cool is that!

Don't forget to get your Personal Profile Report and Long Range forecast for this year by clicking on the "Get a Profile" link above.


Looking back into the Past, observing the Present or looking ahead into the Future depends on where you are standing in Time. To look back at yesterday, or forward to tomorrow, you have to be stand...

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies

Why do Politicians lie?


Many Politicians learn to Twist the Truth (lie) when entering parliament.

You don't need a science degree to pick when someone is lying especially when they are not good at it. Politician...

Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies
Aug 22., 2022 10:40 pm

Why do Politicians lie?

Many Politicians learn to Twist the Truth (lie) when entering parliament.

You don't need a science degree to pick when someone is lying especially when they are not good at it. Politicians have a degree in Twisting the Truth, just fill out an O.I.A. (Official Information Act) form and you'll see how they twist their way out of giving you what you ask for. Try asking a politician "are you telling us the truth" and to your face you'll get, "of course." Do you think they'd say anything else? Yeah, Nah! 

Our current Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was asked by a moderator during a televised debate when running for the PM's position; "Ms Ardern, can you be a politician without telling lies", and she said "yes". Further she was asked, "will you ever tell lies to the people? She said "No!"

If you asked Mike Hosking, New Zealand's top ranked radio host, if Jacinda Ardern lies, he'd say "yes" because he has done so several times on his morning slot on Newstalk ZB.

Why do people lie?

They don't want people to know what they have done or what they are about to do. They don't like being questioned, about their 'story' and will find a way if possible to move away from the situation.

But when a liar is caught out, there is an immediate follow up lie or a long drawn out explanation. They become agitated, more vocal, their start using their hands, arms and heads, flailing about... oh, just like the PM.

Unfortunately, the world is full of liars, cheats, propaganda and deviants. The news is known to be the most powerful means to spread lies to the innocent to convince them they are hearing the truth about something that is likely false.

You may have heard these words yourself: "he lied so much he actually believed himself." This is the psychology of lying where brain-washing' takes place. Repetition creates neural pathways and a belief is formed. The liar feels they are really telling the truth and they can be very convincing.

To uncover the lies you have to know how to seek the lie out.

Liars use their conscious mind to make convincing stories to cover their tracks of some secret doing, big or small. Similarly, when two or more people get together and plan a crime against others, it becomes a conspiracy to commit a crime.

But when conspirators are questioned about their potential involvement, they cry out "conspiracy theories" and quickly make a mockery of those that challenge them.

Interesting as it is, many conspiracy theories have been uncovered to find the criminals behind them, yet some remain in shadow, lost to time where the perpetrators live in hope no one ever discovers their dirty secrets.

But, there are ways of seeking out the truth that liars dread, and fearing disclosure they avoid those who seek them out.

The Secret

There is the secret pathway into the mind of the criminal. They may try to use their wit and consciously continue to lie and evade discovery, but they cannot hide from their subconscious, which like Block-Chain, has the truth recorded and it cannot be erased.

When two people are being questioned over an incident where one is lying and the other telling the truth, one of them is lying but both know who it is. If only we had a recorder, a memory chip implant, a means to find the truth among the lies. Well now we do and it is not a chip or anything electronic.

Our brain is a biological supercomputer. It can be hacked and a virus installed like a computer, and used for ill-gain, but the Block-Chain buried in the subconscious cannot easily be erased and it is here where we found how to uncover past events, and there are no invasive measures, in fact, it can be done remotely.

It's time for crime to do time.

"Forgive and forget" may be well intended by good people, however, forgiving may be admirable but forgetting is impossible. The secret for unveiling the truth has been unearthed and another wonderful tool of value can now be used to discover past events and presented to the criminal. Conspiracy has an enemy and the good people have the key.

Contact us for direction to those that can help you.    


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Canada's Election Sept 2021
Sep 20., 2021 1:01 am

A Prediction Canada Election is today - 20th September 2021.

I was not aware of the election till this morning, NZ time, and am keen to see how the penny's drop. Justin Trudeau's Profile shows him to be somewhat like Ardern in qualities and character. He likes to look 'pretty' he can change his mind and talk cleverly in an instant, he has analytical traits and likes to do things 'his way', oh and he has an overactive sensual mind.

The news feed link below reports the present parliament has sent out 1 million postal votes (BUT) only 50,000 have registered to vote via postal voting (smells like a rat already like USA election fraud, see the story here: 

Then there is the opposition contender, Erin O'Tool. His Profile Indicates he has leadership nature, a military background, a lawyer and involved in politics for the last nine years as I read it in the link below), and a determination supported by thoughtful analysis, is practical, very intelligent and likes to research all he is involved with, based on his profile analysis I have done.


I am only writing what I see of the personality and characteristic's these two men have from my analysis work. However, I do see the trend ahead and if the election is not tampered with (as it likely will be if what I say next is in reverse), O'Tool has a clear win over Trudeau.


Trudeau's birthday in 25th Dec, he'll be 50. He has a major change in his life indicated ahead, directly after his birth day, and around that time preceded by this election today, shows October, November and December (then Jan, Feb and Mar 2022) are all absolute crap for him. O'Tool's birthday is 22nd January and he is already in a position to make the election his, with greater indications of success over Trudeau. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece, he fits in very well into the winners chair and for some years. This does not mean all plain sailing, but he has a much better chance of beating Trudeau.


Due to the global situation with (almost) every politician and political leader around the world collaborating and supporting a global agenda, which is obvious to many who have looked over the fence of corruption and seen the growing number of people who have revealed there is massive fraud afoot, then if O'Tool experiences defeat, the election will be questionable by many. Let's see what unfolds.

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Conspiracies Revealed by the Numbers
May 23., 2021 4:41 am

This may be the one thing that reveals what criminals fear the most, discovery. When a person says "its a conspiracy" and another says "you're a conspiracy theorist", One person is right and the other wrong, but which is which? My observation and formed opinions herein after, suggest we are experiencing the biggest conspiracy the planet has ever seen.

Background, a New World Order The 2021 and 2030 Agenda Conspiracy has arrived on the doorsteps of every person on the planet. International co-conspirator's have taken decades to organise in secret, and yet in plain sight they have used financial bribery, sex blackmail, personal threats of physical harm including death to extended family and more to achieve their goal to take over the world. Unveiling a conspiracy requires investigation revealing facts, truth and evidence.  Most conspiracies uncovered have been political in nature and simple on-line browsing shows that to be so.

Political leaders and their minions are taking control over the people who put them in power under false pretences. They are using spyware, emf (5G) technology, biological weapons, data gathering software and tracking devices; The governments are in a very powerful position.

Comrade Governments wield collective power engaging:

  • senior health advisers
  • heads of police / military / banks
  • Federal Drug Administration FDA
  • Centre for Disease Control CDC
  • World Health Organisation WHO
  • climate change & chem trails
  • Fluoridating all drinking water
  • 1080 poison to kill all game, andthe organised removal of private weapons from the public

Legalised gun owners could cause problems if there is a world takeover. By taking the weapons off the people so they have little to fight tyranny with.  This is a most serious global matter and one very big Conspiracy Theory to prove, but who could do this?  Unified people in mass. People should not fear the politicians, the politicians should fear the people.

Face book (Meta), google, you tube have gagged the voices of the people, suppressing information transfer and like Hitler ordering the burning of books to stop people learning anything, authoritarian control is at hand. People are frightened, propaganda fills the airwaves alongside the poisoned air we breathe full of viruses, aluminium, barium, and climate change chemicals.

The food is genetically modified, and legislation has passed in America for dead bodies to be liquified, drained into waste systems, collected and spread as fertiliser on the crops for humans to eat. FACT!  McDonalds, soy and corn products. Do people have to be worried, yes! Are governments giving us support and answers, no! Are they involved with what is going on, have to be or it would be stopped! Who do the people turn to? Each other in mass is the answer and the time to share knowledge and educate the people is now! Suicide has increased 300% since covid came out according to funeral directors who have spoken up. The politicians (like Grant Robinson NZ Labour Party) say the opposite; therefore he is a liar and cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Our PM Ardern has lied so much she cannot be trusted under any circumstances. They are lying and it is so obvious! Smiling assassins perhaps. Ardern has the balls to stand between divorcees Even now at the time of writing, the lying media are broadcasting and publishing lies that India is the new epicentre of the covid pandemic with 4,500 deaths, a new daily peak. People are frightened and scramble for the covid Jab, the same Jab the PM of New Zealand refuses to take. Why? Proof of lying The media reports India has 4,500 deaths a day from covid. Do the math. Population of India = 1.2 billion, divide 4,500 by 1.2 billion and this sums to 0.00000375 %. Now multiply that by 365 for a whole year and answer is 0.00137 %. That is tiny.  The news is serious propaganda and lies intended to raise more fear in the people so they want the covid Jab. India is hardly affected by covid at all. I conclude this as fake news and part of a global conspiracy. The media are lying to the world so think you need the jab. Is the jab safe or poisonous and designed to maim or kill people? According to suppressed reporting uncovered, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), this seems to be the case and the reported deaths and injuries by VAERS has been revealed it is only publishing 1% or less of the true total in the USA. How to reveal the conspiracy liars A liar knows they are lying. They will tell you theyre speaking truth. They do not want you to find out theyre guilty of a crime as their life will change for the worse for them! Big liars like those mentioned above are all in bed with the global conspiracy for crimes against humanity and under the Nuremberg Code, when found to be guilty, a trial and gallows await them. Computers and humans use languages to function and both are programmed with 1s and 0s and 9 numbers, a zero and 26 letters. These languages can be reverse engineered to discover their purpose. The subconscious HOLDS THE TRUTH in silence but can reveal its secrets in another way.  The door to the truth can be opened with Lettrology which reverse engineers human programming using the same tools it was originally programmed with, namely letters and numbers.  They enable us to think and without them we would be unplugged from all comprehension and understanding. Nightmare news for liars, cheats and Politicians. We now know if someone has lied by tapping into their historical patterns of activity. Now we have access to secret activity and there is nothing they can do to hide from this scientific discovery. Conspiracy by the numbers means every person suspected of deceit, specifically politicians and criminals, can now be investigated and analysed to see if they are straight or lying. Can it be proven? Yes. Can anyone do this? Yes. Computer software has been developed to quickly assess if the track record of any person fits with their actions irrespective of their words and it can be done remotely. This is beyond the concept of films like Minority Report, The Matrix, or even the television series Person of Interest where a super computer could tell ahead of time that someone was about to enter a world of trouble. Now it has come full circle and is a reality. Conspiracies exist just as lies exist and the people who conspire and lie are criminals by their very actions. They can now be seen for who and what they are under the spotlight of Lettrology because this reverse engineering technology works by mapping the same tool people use to think with, their brain which is programmed with letters and numbers. All activities people do, leaves a track record of their past in their memory and with the right tools and training, nothing is hidden from past events. Even the Australian Aborigines know how to track people over bare rocks to the amazement of onlookers, but once you know how they do it, it makes total sense and anyone with a keen eye and knows what to look for can do this too. Is covid a pumped up lie?  Yes, it was designed to create fear and cause people to take the jab. It is a bio-weapon that weakens your immune system so you could die from a common cold or mild infection from a scratch.  50 billion nano particles are in the jab used to track and trace people by way of 5G towers, spying 24/7 to identify and can harm you.  Nano tracing particles communicate with the 5G towers and let the controllers decide what they want to do with you. Advice: dont get tested, dont take the jab it is not a vaccine it is a laboratory designed bio-weapon mRNA meaning Modified Ribonucleic Acid and it changes your body chemistry and they own you as the contents of the inoculation is patented engineering and once you have it inside your tissues, you cannot get it out!  It multiplies and you become legally owned by people like Fauci and Gates, and if they dont think you are being good, they can make your life a misery or terminate you!

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